Get a taste of Maranao cuisine!

Many people flock to Quiapo to visit the historical Quiapo chruch and to score the best bargains. But did you know that there’s also a Muslim community at the old downtown of Manila?

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Come join us as we take a trip down Muslim Town and find the best eats and learn more about Islamic culture. Here, you can find 100% Halal restaurants as well as a number of street food that fill the streets of Quiapo.

June-Nairah Halal Food Restaurant

June-Nairah Halal Food Restaurant, located near the Golden Mosque, offers a wide selection of traditional home-cooked Maranao cuisine. For first-timers, we recommend the Chicken Piaparan and Beef Rendang.

june-nairah halal food beef rendang
Photo from Facebook
june-nairah halal food chicken piaparan
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Elizondo St.Cor Norzagaray Quiapo, Manila City
(0995) 303 6376

Arab Asian Resto Cafe

A trip to Quiapo Muslim Town isn’t complete without stopping by Arab Asian Resto Cafe for their famous Teh Tarik, a hot milk tea beverage popular among Southeast Asian countries, and Paratha with condensed milk and curry sauce for dipping.

arab asian resto cafe beef keema teh tarik
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334 Gunao, Quiapo, Manila City
(0970) 461 1970

Pamanganan Quiapo

After enjoying the sights of the Golden Mosque, grabbing a bite at Pamanganan is sure to seal the whole experience. Here, you can expect Malaysian-inspired halal food with a touch of Arabic or Islam influence.

pamanganan siomai
Photo from @Pamanganan
pamanganan nasi goreng
Photo from @Pamanganan

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310-D, Elizondo Street 1001 Quiapo

Street Food Finds!


A staple in Maranao cuisine, Palapa is a sweet and spicy Filipino condiment consisting of thinly chopped scallions, ginger, chili, and turmeric. This adds some brightness and kick to any dish.

bon appetit palapa
Photo from Bon Appetit


A type of kakanin that’s made of steamed cassava and young corn.

biyaki dennis coffee garden
Photo from Dennis Coffee Garden

Daral or Balolon

Daral or Balolon is a crepe-like snack that’s rolled into a cylinder and then filled with sweetened coconut meat.

create with cream daral
Photo from Create with Cream


Pastil, or pastel, is a Filipino-packed rice dish made with steamed rice wrapped in banana leaves. It can be classified as the Mindanao people’s version of the Japanese Onigiri. Inside, it is usually packed with dry shredded beef, chicken, or fish.

asian food network chicken pastil
Photo from Asian Food Network


Similar to bananacue, ginanggan is a popular skewered banana snack in Mindanao that is instead of coated in and fried in sugar, is grilled then coated with margarine and sprinkled with white sugar.

Photo from 9GAG

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