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Here’s a quick cheat sheet for the big restaurant chains around Metro Manila, complete with their delivery number and whether take-out is available.

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Filipino Food Delivery

From icons like Anthony Bourdain to Filipinos across the nation, there’s no denying that we have a soft spot for homemade Filipino food. And with restaurants like Manam and Aristocrat, getting your fill of familiar flavors is now only a delivery away!

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So, the next time your senses are craving for savory, crunchy sisig or sour and tangy sinigang, and you don’t want to cook, we suggest that you get these dishes straight from your favorite Filipino restaurants. To help you choose, check out our list of restaurants that specialize in Filipino food delivery.

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Fast Food Delivery

Fast Food – the type of restaurant we’re sure is top of mind for when you want food, ASAP! From burgers to pizza, whatever your taste buds are looking for, there’s certainly a fast-food chain that serves up the dish you’re craving for.

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Can’t wait to order? Instead of using up your time to go through websites to find their hotline/social media account for orders, check out our list: Fast Food Delivery instead! There, you’ll find a complete list of all fast food chains that are available for delivery in the metro.

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Vegetarian/Vegan Food Delivery

Health is wealth especially during these trying times. Get your daily intake of veggies in a no doubt delicious way with healthy and flavorful vegetarian and vegan food.

Falafel Sandwich
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If you can’t prepare some at home or you’re afraid of your dish turning out bland, we suggest you order from restaurants that specialize in this type of cuisine! To know which vegan and vegetarian restaurants are open and available for delivery, check out our list of 10 Vegetarian Restaurants Open for Delivery.

Burrito from Green Bar
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Japanese Food Delivery

Pick up your chopsticks and get ready for some umami goodness! From sushi to ramen, nowadays, you can get your favorite Japanese dishes delivered straight to your homes.

Kimchi Gyoza Appetizer from Ooma
Photo from Facebook | Ooma

Want to know if your well-loved ramen spot or sushi bar can satisfy your cravings? Check out which Japanese restaurants are open and available for delivery in the metro.

Ramen from Ippudo Philippines
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Korean Food Delivery

Is your mouth watering from the food you see in K-dramas or in mukbangs of your favorite K-pop idols? Don’t leave the taste of their food to your imagination!

Stew from Gaja Korean
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Try out Korean chicken, samgyeopsal, and tteok-bokki while you binge-watch your favorite K-series or streaming a catchy Korean song by ordering from the Korean restaurants that are open and available for delivery in the metro.

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American Food Delivery

Chicken with biscuits, burger with fries, and ribs with mashed potatoes; these are just a few iconic pairings we all know and have fallen in love with from American cuisine.

Burgers and Fries from Shake Shack
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Craving for some smoky, savory goodness you can enjoy with your family? Check out which American restaurants specializing in these dishes are open for delivery!

Ribs and Sides from  TGIF Philippines
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Chinese Food Delivery

One of the comfort cuisines of those in the metro, Chinese cuisine, which highlights dishes dim sum & dumplings, is a definite must-order no matter what the occasion.

Siomai from David's Tea House
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So, what are you waiting for? Ready your chopsticks and your taste buds because we’ve got the best Chinese restaurants open for delivery!

Congee from King Chef
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Mexican Food Delivery

Despite not officially considered the cuisine with really flavorful finger food, we can all agree that their mouthwatering dishes – from tacos to nachos and even burritos – are worth getting down and dirty for.

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Need your fill of Mexican food ASAP? Check out our list of Mexican restaurants open for delivery and find the nearest restaurant that can satisfy your cravings.

Tacos from El Chupacabra
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Italian Food Delivery

Sometimes the most delicious dishes are the ones that’ll momentarily make us forget about counting calories and carbs. Dishes like pizza and pasta which are the star players of Italian cuisine are no doubt some of the dishes we can place in this category.

Carbonara from Fino Deli

So, whether you’re celebrating your cheat day or you simply want a delicious meal – the talk of carbs and calories out the window – then here are Italian restaurants that offer pizza, pasta, and more which are open for delivery.

Pistachio Pizza from Mamma Mia
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Mediterranean Food Delivery

Claimed as one of the healthier cuisines, Mediterranean flavors are refreshing, light, and unforgettable enough for you to want to come back to eating their dishes time and again.

Hummus from FETA
Photo from Facebook | FETA Online Grocery & Restaurants

If what you’re eating lately has been weighing you down and you’re not in the mood for solely vegan or vegetarian dishes, then go for the second-best thing: Mediterranean food. Even better, you can have them delivered from the restaurants we featured in our list of Mediterranean restaurants open for delivery.

Kebab Platter from The Cafe Mediterranean
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Breakfast Food Delivery

Whether you choose to delight in fancy eggs benedict, homey pancakes, or ever-reliable silogs, you’ll definitely agree with us when we say breakfast is one of the best things you can have in the morning.

Tocilog from Kanto Freestyle Breakfast
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But just because it’s a treat when the sun rises, it doesn’t mean you can enjoy these any time of the day. Whether you want yours before dawn or past sunset, we’ve listed down the restaurants where you can get your breakfast fix.

Marble Pancake from Pancake Hosue
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Indian Food Delivery

Fragrant and no doubt packed with a medley of spices, the dishes of Indian cuisine are unforgettable and sought for those looking for layers of flavor.

Naan with Filling from Royal Indian Curry House
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Are you craving for some curry and naan or perhaps some samosas and tandoori chicken? No need to scour the internet anymore for restaurants for we’ve listed down Indian restaurants available for delivery for you.

Naan and Side Dishes from Naan Indian Street Kitchen
Photo from Facebook | Naan – Indian Street Kitchen
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Taiwan Food Delivery

Taiwan, known by most as milk tea’s place of origin, if you didn’t know is also a treasure trove of savory eats like xiao long bao and braised pork.

Shrimp and Pork Wontons from Din Tai Fung
Photo from Facebook | Din Tai Fung Philippines

Looking for food and snacks to pair with your boba? Pair it with no other than dishes of the country’s cuisine. Don’t know where to get some? Check out our list of Taiwanese restaurants that are open and available for delivery.

Chicken from Shuin
Photo from Facebook | Shuin – The Smoked Chicken Food House
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Spanish Food Delivery

A cuisine that shares flavors with our own, Spanish cuisine is hearty, homey, and wholesome enough for every type of palate to enjoy.

Torreznos from Barcino
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Whether you’re in the mood for tapas you can pair with your wine or paella you can feast on during special occasions, these Spanish restaurants open for delivery have the exact dishes you’re looking for.

Spanish Food from Wobbly Pan
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