Bring on the fruits!

Last updated: September 20, 2020 11:10 p.m.

What happens when you mix fresh fruits with Yakult milk? You get a healthy blend of Kultured Dalgona! They are produced by the Yakult-lovers over at Kultured Diversity. Customers can now choose from three fruity flavors aside from their default Plain Yakult Cheese.

kultured dalgona, yakult
Photo from @kulturediversity

You can never go wrong with their Strawberry Yakult Cheese, which comes with real strawberry bits. Get a liter for only ₱275 or 500 mL for ₱155.

strawberry yakult cheese, kulture diversity
Photo from @kulturediversity

Meanwhile, Kulture Diversity’s Lychee Yakult Cream brings a refreshing promise to the table. It has the same prices as the strawberry variant.

lychee yakult cream, kulture diversity
Photo from @kulturediversity

Their latest flavor would be the Banana Yakult Cream. Go bananas with one liter for only ₱260 and 500 mL for only ₱145.

banana yakult cream, kulture diversity
Photo from @kulturediversity

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In Case You Missed It: Here’s Where You Can Get The One of a Kind Yakult Dalgona

Whether you drink Yakult on it’s own or use it to take your soju and tea up a notch, let’s all agree that Yakult is a slightly sour and healthy drink with a unique taste we can’t get enough of.

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We can’t get enough of it so much in fact that a company – Kulture Diversity – decided to use Yakult to create their own innovation of Dalgona which they call the “Yakult Dalgona“.

Note: Kulture Diversity is not in any way affiliated with Yakult Philippines. 
Ingredients for Yakult Dalgona
Photo from Facebook | Kulture Diversity

Consisting of 60%-65% of Yakult, milk, bits of fresh strawberries, mini chewy tapioca pearls, cheese, and topped with Lyche Yakult Cream, their Yakult Dalgona is definitely a unique drink that’ll quench the thirst and satisfy the cravings of Yakult lovers.

Yakult Dalgona Ingredients
Photo from Facebook | Kulture Diversity

Looking to have this drink delivered to your home? All you have to do is to wait until they’re open for delivery again – as currently they’re backed up with orders – and fill up their delivery form you can find on their Facebook page.

Kultured Diversity yogurt drink
Photo from Facebook | Kulture Diversity

For updates on when they’ll open for delivery, simply check their Facebook page.

View their Facebook page
View their Instagram account

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Cover image from Kulture Diversity’s Instagram account