Score (vegan) brownie points for this one!

Brownies are a classic choice when it comes to desserts. There’s just something about them that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And just because you’re vegan or following a plant-based diet, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this sweet treat.

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Here, we list down some of the best vegan brownies and bars you can get in the Metro that will make you say fudge yeah!

Earth Desserts

Earth Desserts is one of the pioneers in the local vegan scene and has been around since 2015. They’re best known for their Fudgy Brownies and Brownie Brittle but have also recently expanded their product range to include their Mega 

earth desserts cookies and brownies
Photo from Earth Desserts

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Nic Nourished

Vegan doesn’t always necessarily mean healthy. But at Nic Nourished, they aim to provide delicious, clean, and nutrient-dense vegan options that aren’t just full of empty calories. Their Oh Fudge Bars come in five different flavors and they make for the perfect guilt-free snack. 

nic nourished oh fudge bars
Photo from Nic Nourished

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Pinay Baker Vegan

Indulge in your favorite guilty pleasures at Pinay Baker Vegan. Apart from specializing in plant-based baked goods, they are also made to be treats for breastfeeding moms. They have cheesecakes, cookies, brownies, and revel bars.

Pinay Baker Vegan Revel Bars
Photo from Pinay Baker Vegan

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Thrive Vegan Patisserie

More than just vegan desserts, you can expect the freshly baked goodies from Thrive Vegan Patisserie to be low in sugar. Their Oat Brownies are gluten-free and sweetened with monk fruit too—making them the perfect guilt-free snack!

Thrive Vegan Patisserie Vegan Oat Brownies
Photo from Thrive Vegan Patisserie

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(0919) 006 5387


This one is for all the Snickers and coffee fanatics out there! Marahuyo’s Galak or Peanut Caramel Chocolate Bars, a no-bake dessert made of mostly raw ingredients and no added preservatives, is a healthy and wholesome take on your favorite Snickers bar. They also create handcrafted coffee beverages made from arabica dark roast beans that come in three different flavors.

marhuyo peanut caramel chocolate bars
Photo from Marahuyo

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(0949) 641 5157

Love, Chef

Get the best of both worlds with Love, Chef’s Power Brownies. Not only are they deliciously moist and fudgy but they’re also loaded with 21 grams of protein, high in fiber, and rich in Omega-3’s—fit to satisfy your cravings and help you with your fitness goals.

Love Chef Power Brownies Vegan
Photo from Love Chef

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(0915) 348 5727

Vegan Confections

Vegan Confections is the place where you can sustainably indulge your favorite treats from cakes to cookies and brownies. They’ve got fudgy and moist walnut cashew brownies as well as strawberry-almond crumble bars which are all egg and dairy-free.

Vegan Confections Vegan Dark Chocolate Brownies
Photo from Vegan Confections

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Get a stash of Powerstash’s Brownie Stash. They got three flavor options to choose from including Biscoff Brownies, Tablea Brownies, and their must-try bestselling Slutty Brownies, or you could opt for an assortment of all three. All are guaranteed to use healthier ingredients that are not just 100% vegan but also taste as good if not more than their traditional counterparts

Powerstash Vegan Brownie Stash Slutty Brownies Biscoff Tablea
Photo from Powerstash

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(0927) 532 0899

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