Best paired with a glass of (non-dairy) milk!

Welcome to cookie heaven! Well, vegan cookie heaven at least. This is the only vegan cookie collection you’ll ever need. We’ve compiled a list of places where you can get all the vegan cookies in the metro, all in one place! Whether you’re looking for a classic chocolate chip cookie or something more extraordinary like a unicorn cookie, there’s a treat here for everyone. Once you’ve acquired the cookie of your choice, the next order of business? Pour yourself a tall glass of milk.

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34 Bakehouse

34 Bakehouse recently launched their new vegan offerings which includes classic vegan chocolate chip cookies and a double chocolate version. They also offer an 8-inch vegan cookie cake with vegan buttercream all of which are made using Auro 64% dark chocolate.

34 bakehouse vegan cookies
Photo from 34 Bakehouse

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Maginhawa, Quezon City


Boring cookies? Not with Gotauco! Apart from offering a selection of vegan cookies, they have a fruity cookie called the Fruity Cereal which is made with a colorful dough and is mixed in with fruit crunch cereal bits.

Gotauco Vegan Cookies Fruity Cereal and Trple Dark Chocolate
Photo from Gotauco

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(0977)) 872-7888


Jamazake is run by Jam, a homebased baker, that has a passion for playing with food particularly baking and fermenting. Though mostly sharing her experiences and explorations in the kitchen, she regularly accepts orders for freshly baked cookies that are entirely vegan and infused with miso which compliments the bitterness and sweetness of the dark chocolate and coconut sugar in her cookies.

Jamazake Foods Miso Butter Cookies
Photo from Jamazake

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If you’re on the lookout for something to satisfy your sweet tooth but are worried about what goes into your food, Powerstash is a good option to satisfy those cravings as they use healthier ingredients that are not just 100% vegan but also taste as good if not more than their traditional counterparts. Their 24-hour classic double chocolate and triple dark chocolate cookies are among the bestselling items on their menu but they also offer cakes and brownies. Recently, they introduced more flavors to their cookie collection; expanding outside of the usual flavors with Biscoff and Pistachio o’ Matcha.

Powerstash Vegan 24 Hour Vegan Cookies Biscoff Pistachio Matcha Classic Chocolate Chip and Triple Chocolate
Photo from Powerstash

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(0927) 532 0899

Earth Desserts

Earth Desserts is one of the pioneers in the local vegan scene and has been around since 2015. They’re best known for their Fudgy Brownies and Brownie Brittle but have also recently expanded their product range to include their Mega Choco Chip Cookies, Tablea Crisps, and BCF (Brownie-Cookie Fusion).

earth desserts cookies and brownies
Photo from Earth Desserts

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Be Kind

As a solution to finding desserts that uses healthier alternatives and unrefined sweeteners all the while spreading the message of extending kindness to others, Maxene Magalona along with her friends came up with the idea of Be Kind. They currently offer three variants of cookies: Chocolate Chip, Triple Chocolate Chip, and Oatmeal Raisin. And as testament to the mission and vision of their brand, they also give people the option to buy their delivery riders a cookie for the road.

Be Kind Vegan Cookies
Photo from Be Kind

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Pretty Tasty

Pretty Tasty makes guilt-free Vegan Pecan cookies among their classic-flavored cookies. They’re buttery without the butter, caramelly without any refined sugar, and leaves no coconut aftertaste. Get it in boxes of 6 or 12.

Pretty Tasty Vegan Cookie
Photo from Pretty Tasty

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Legazpi Village 1229 Makati
(0916) 254-3625

Just Dough Eat

Just Dough Eat has a cookie just for you for every type of mood. For their vegan options, they’ve got Vegan Unicorn, Pretzel, Choco, and Matcha.

Just Dough Eat Vegan Cookies
Photo from Just Dough Eat

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(0918) 478-1130

Alych Baked Cookies

Alych Baked Cookies initially started out as a therapeutic and stress-relieving activity for Alych that made her rediscover her love for baking. Though her intentions were to share the product of her love in the form of big, soft, and thick 100% vegan cookies that are quite generous on the chocolate chunks, she now has also expanded into making other treats like brownie bars and apple crumble bars.

Alych Baked Cookies Vegan Cookies
Photo from Alych Baked Cookies

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Gooey Goode

Gooey Goode’s vegan counterpart to their classic dough is made without eggs, butter, or milk. They also use premium Filipino bean-to-bar Auro 64% dark chocolate and sweeten the cookies with organic coconut sugar. You can order a box of 6 or 12 of these cookies for PHP 420 and PHP 830.

Gooey Goode Vegan Cookies
Photo from Gooey Goode

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Healthy Velights

Cookies come in all shapes and sizes at Healthy Velights. Though if you ask us, a palm-sized cookie weighing 100g sounds really tempting. Their Vegan Cookie Monsters come in two options: Dark Chocolate Chip and Molten Lava.

Healthy Velights Vegan Palm-Sized Cookies Cookie Monster
Photo from Healthy Velights

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(0915) 944-2726

Everyday Mom Bakeshop

Everyday Mom was born out of a mother’s commitment to serve healthy and yummy goodies to her family, most especially her kids. They offer products made with natural ingredients including their plant-based and 100% vegan cookies. Their vegan selection includes four flavors: Chocolate Chip, Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin, and Mocha Chip.

Everyday Mom Plant-Based Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Cookies
Photo from Everyday Mom Bakeshop

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(0922) 421-0466

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