Get your of drinks made with 100% organic matcha.

When matcha was introduced to people in the metro, it immediately garnered a following not only because of its health benefits but also because of its earthy taste that you can enjoy in different ways ranging from iced with milk to soft serve.

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If you’ve developed a love for matcha and can’t get enough, you’ll be happy to know that a new matcha stop has set up shop at Mitsukoshi in BGC!

Mitsukoshi BGC
Photo from Facebook | Mitsukoshi BGC

The name of the place is The Matcha Tokyo. They’re a “high-quality Japanese tea brand” that offers up the “highest quality organic matcha” to people around the world. Their cafes, however, are only located in Japan, China, and Hong Kong. So, if you’re still perfecting the art of making your perfect cup of matcha, it’s best to head on to their branch right here in Metro Manila. Here’s a glimpse of the interiors, the menu, and drinks.

Facade & Interiors

Facade The Matcha Tokyo
Photo from Joyce Tseng | Booky
The Matcha Tokyo Interiors
Photo from Booky


Menu The Matcha Tokyo
Photo from Joyce Tseng | Booky


Matcha Drinks from The Matcha Tokyo
Photo from Booky

Pay a visit to Mitsukoshi in BGC if you want a cup or two of their matcha drinks or a bite of their desserts and snacks. For updates, follow them on their social media accounts:

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