I love you very matcha!

We’re sure by now that matcha lovers are everywhere. With an ever-growing list of treats made from this green tea plant, every single one will certainly find one to their liking – and here’s another one you can add to that!

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Every Filipino knows what Maja Blanca is. It’s a popular Filipino treat or snack that’s known for its creamy coconut goodness and bites of corn that usually make it white or cream in color. But what if somebody thought it needed some color and a new twist – specifically a green earthy one courtesy of matcha?

You read that right. There’s a matcha-flavored Maja Blanca you can now include in your list of matcha treats.

Photo from @mafalda.makes

Courtesy of Made by Mafalda, a witty and sassy Instagram account full of recipes you can recreate, you can now make your own version of the Matcha Blanca. It still pretty much has everything we know and love about Maja Blanca, but with that updated earthy flavor – and color – of matcha.

You can visit Made by Mafalda’s Instagram account or Facebook page if you want to know more recipes aside from the Matcha Blanca. Plus, if you want to know where you can get your hands on some Matcha treats within the Metro, you can check out our list here.

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