Kape pa more!

It’s not a good day if it doesn’t start with a cup of coffee, and for true coffee lovers and enthusiasts, a cup of joe is a must, whether it’s scorching hot outside or chilly and breezy.

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But if a cup or two just can’t chase the kape cravings away, then maybe it’s time to munch on coffee-flavored sweets and treats! Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of coffee desserts that you can find in the metro. If you’ve got a coffee addiction, you’ve got to try these:

Tiramisu – The Tiramisu Bar

Name a more iconic coffee dessert than tiramisu—with every bite you’ll get the perfect balance of bitter and sweet, plus the creamy textures with just the right amount of crunch. Craving? Check out the Tiramisu Bar and fulfill your tiramisu fantasies by choosing from Vanilla Bean, Dark Chocolate + Strawberry, Roasted Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate + Orange, or Classic.

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tiramisu bar
Photo from website:

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Mocha Torte – House of Sans Rival

When it comes to mocha torte, no one does it better than House of Sans Rival. Layers of meringue and a mocha buttercream filling? We’ll take the biggest size, please! Their classic flavor is also available and is a must-try if you want to know why this spot is a fave of many.

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House of Sans Rival PH
Photo from Facebook: House of Sans Rival PH

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Sucat, Paranaque

Kape Del Pan – Kalye Sorbetes

Kalye Sorbetes’ elevated Filipino flavors are the sweetest way to beat the heat. They have creations like Manggahan, UBelt, Chocolocan, and Quezon Avenue, but for coffee lovers, their Kape Del Pan is a winner! It’s made with local arabica beans and has bits of bread as a nod to the Filipino habit of dipping bread in coffee!

To order: Fill out this order form or text  (0917) 534-5593
kalye sorbetes kape del pan
Photo from Facebook: Kalye Sorbetes

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91 Xavierville Avenue, Quezon City
(0917) 534-5593

Coffee Jelly – Aileen’s Coffee Jelly

Two liters of coffee jelly, anyone? Get a tub of that home-made deliciousness from Aileen’s Coffee Jelly that wonderfully combines creamy, sweet, and that kick of bitterness!

To order: Message them for your orders at least one day before pick-up.
Aileen's Coffee Jelly
Photo from Facebook: Aileen’s Coffee Jelly

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Marikina City, Philippines

Brazo de Coffee – Barbara’s Savory & Sweets

We’ve loved the classic Brazo de Mercedes, but how about having it in coffee flavor? Barbara’s Savory & Sweets makes that possible and they also serve it in Ube and Lemon flavors!

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Barbara's Savory & Sweets brazo coffee
Photo from Facebook: Barbara’s Savory & Sweets

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(0931) 139-5266

Dalgonuts – AUsome Goodies

Revive the Dalgona coffee hype by getting yourself a dozen of these Dalgonuts, which brings together Dalgona coffee and donuts, a creation by AUsome Goodies! They also serve Berry Donuts and Mangoes and Cream Donuts that you’ll definitely drool over!

To order: Send them a message to reserve a slot and pre-order.
AUsome Goodies by Matteo dalgona coffee donuts
Photo from Facebook: AUsome Goodies by Matteo

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2175 F. Balagtas Pandacan Manila 
0919 000 5568

Dalgona Basque Burnt Cheesecake – Basque MNL

If you’ve love cheesecakes in all forms and flavors, then this Dalgona Basque Burnt Cheesecake will surely bring you to your knees. You’ve got a creamy cheesecake that’s infused with dark roasted coffee for that distinct taste that you’ll keep craving!

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Basque Manila dalgona basque cheesecake
Photo from Facebook: Basque Manila

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Quezon City
0917 583 5588

Coffee Macarons – Macarose

Thinking about treating yourself big time? How about getting assorted flavors of macarons from Macarose! They have a wide array of extraordinary flavors like Belgian Dark, Red Velvet, Fruity Pebbles, Pistachio Pink, and of course, Coffee!

To order: Message them through this number 09178005349
macarose coffee macarons
Photo from Facebook: macarose

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Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Espresso Honeycomb Cake – Sucre

Cakes taste better when they have a hint of coffee and that’s exactly what Sucre has created when they made this Espresso Honeycomb cake. It has a strong espresso flavor and a feuilletine layer at the bottom for that good crunch!

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Sucre PH
Photo from Facebook: Sucre PH

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0917 899 0499

And that’s how you eat your coffee!

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Cover photo by AUsome Goodies by Matteo Facebook