All the Choco Butternut love in the world.

A dessert/snack that needs no introduction, the Choco Butternut Donut is a cult favorite of Filipinos who want something sweet to go with their coffee.

Fun fact: Did you know that the "butternut" is actually a mix of shredded coconut and sugar?

And though great things come in small packages like donuts, there are days when we can’t help but ask for more. If you have those days, don’t you fret, we found 5 Choco Butternut Donut inspired sweet treats that’ll surely satisfy your cravings.

Choco Butternut Cookies

These marbled cookies by Bertie’s Bakeshop is a combination of chocolate butter cookie dough and butternut spiced dough. They are crispy and are filled with so much buttery goodness that you will have a hard time sharing them with others.

Bertie’s offers pick up and delivery for these babies and all of their other sweet treats. Check out their website to order and for their full menu.

Photo from Website | Bertie’s Bakeshop

Choco Butternut Crinkles

If you’re looking for something that’s quite close with the original Choco Butternut donut, then look no further than it’s crinkle counterpart. House of Crinkles PH’s Choco Butternut Crinkles has the same soft and chewy texture we’ve all been familiar with and is coated with coconut powder.

Order yours now for delivery by messaging them on their Facebook page or Instagram account. Be sure to pre-order early in the week as they have a cut off time.

Choco Butternut Silvanas

Just when you thought this Filipino treat couldn’t get any better, they do a version with our favorite donut flavor – the Choco Butternut Silvanas. You can enjoy these meringue wafer sandwiches filled with classic french buttercream rolled in butternut streusels from Sweet Escakes Rizal. It also comes in a bite-size ball version aside from the regular ones.

Want to get your hands on this version of Silvanas? Send them a message on their Facebook page or Instagram account for delivery.

Photo from Facebook | Sweet Escakes Rizal

Choco Butternut Dream Cake

Grilled and Baked’s take on this beloved Dunkin Donut’s flavor is nothing but a dream come true. Covered with choco butternut that tastes exactly like that of our favorite donut, this mouthwatering dessert is filled with the richest chocolate fudge that will surely make you want for more.

Get a taste of this dreamy and fudgy cake version of your favorite donut flavor by simply sliding into their DMs or contacting them at 09957881467. You can pre-order from Monday to Thursday to have them delivered on the weekend.

Photo from Facebook | Grilled and Baked

Choco Butternut Loaf

Created by Chia’s Kitchen, the choco butternut loaf is a moist chocolate cake covered in chocolate glaze and butternut coatings. It’s not only perfect for sharing but also perfect for those days when one donut is just not enough.

Looking to get your hands on a loaf or two? Simply, check out their Facebook page or contact their distributors and get your cravings satisfied!

Photo from Facebook | Chia’s Kitchen

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Cover image from Grilled and Baked’s Facebook Page.