Champagne wishes and caviar dreams!

Without a doubt this year has been one hot mess and we all need to treat ourselves for making it through the year. What’s better than indulging ourselves with some fine food? Especially since the holidays are fast approaching, it would be the perfect time for a little bit of TLC for yourself, and to give to others as well.

Well, if you’re able to, why not indulge with The Sweet Life by Ange’s Caviar Pie Collection, which has 2 flavors: Sweet and Savory?

Photo from Facebook | Sweet Life by Ange

Their Sweet Caviar Pie features a homemade Apricot Fig Truffle Honey Jam topped with some rich whipped cream cheese and a decadent Caviar layer, marrying an exquisite balance of sweet and salty flavors. The larger size includes Prosciutto Roses and is also garnished with sliced dried figs, grapes, and pistachios for an even more elevated experience; while the smaller size keeps it simple but packed with some decadent flavors.

Photo from Facebook | Sweet Life by Ange

Quite a difference from their Savory Caviar Pie that features salmon cream cheese and gorgeous smoked salmon roses topped also with that rich whipped cream and decadent Caviar layer. Whichever you choose though, you’ll surely feel those exquisite flavors with every bite.

The Savory Caviar Pies is priced at P1,700 for a 3.5″ square container and at P1,950 for a 4.5″ round one. Whereas the Sweet Caviar Pie is priced at P1,400 for a 3.5″ square container but has no prosciutto while the 4.5″ round one includes prosciutto is at P2,150.

Both flavors come in 2 sizes and are packed just as beautiful as the pie itself. Not only that, placed in their acrylic containers, it makes a perfect gift to give to others. You can even buy a bundle for P3,000 for the 3.5″ square containers and P4,000 for the 4.5″ round ones.

Photo from Facebook | Sweet Life by Ange

You can start indulging yourselves by DM-ing them your orders in their Instagram account or emailing them at Check out their Facebook page as well to see their other delightful and sinful products.

However you want to enjoy these caviar pies – spread on a tasty biscuit or just paired with your favorite spirit, you’re one step closer to having those champagne dreams and caviar wishes.

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Cover image from Sweet Life By Ange’s Facebook Page.