One word: YUM!

Is your mouth watering from the food you’ve been seeing on the movies and series you’ve been binge-watching? Wish you knew what they taste like? If so, why not try recreating them?

From Parasite’s famous Ram-don to Harry Potter’s Butterbeer, here are youtube channels that you can check out for recipes on how to recreate iconic dishes from your favorite movies and series!

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Binging with Babish

Binging with Babish is a youtube channel known for recreating dishes from kids movies like Kung-Fu Panda to famous movies like Forrest Gump and even TV series like The Good Place and the Simpsons.

Fun fact: He even features and tries recipes from which aren’t appetizing to hear, to begin with. In addition, he also teaches basic dishes in case your in the mood for something simple.

Food from Fiction

A youtube channel dedicated to recreating dishes mostly from kids tv shows and movies like We Bare Bears and Bug’s Life, as well as anime like Food Wars and Howl’s Moving Castle, Food from Fiction brings fictional food to life with their interesting recipes.

Cocktail Chemistry

Not into food? Then perhaps drinks will tickle your fancy! Check out Cocktail Chemistry, a youtube channel that teaches you how to create your own cocktails including iconic ones from series like The Simpsons and How I Met Your Mother to movies like Harry Potter and Fallout.

Nerdy Nummies

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then Nerdy Nummies is the Youtube channel for you. Focusing mostly on creating delectable desserts, at Nerdy Nummies you can find movie and tv-inspired cakes and cupcakes but also recreated desserts such as The Giant Donut from Zootopia and Milkshakes from Lemon Cakes from Game of Thrones.

Totally Trendy

Although this youtube channel isn’t completely dedicated to recreating dishes from movies and series, Totally Trendy still has three dishes she recreated from three series: ICarly, Spongebob, and Rick & Morty.

Don’t like cooking but love seeing fictional food recreated? Check out these Youtube channels!


Creating videos on all things about food from preparing them to trying them, Epicurious is a Youtube channel perfect for those who want to know more about cooking techniques and how to elevate simple dishes like ramen and hotdogs.

Note: If you want to see their recreated food, check out their series called Kids Try where they give kids the chance to try food from famous movies, cartoons, children’s books, and video games.


A Youtube channel that’s as straightforward as its name, REACT creates videos that are all about people reacting to anything and everything under the sun.

Note: Their Try Not to Eat Challenge is where you can find recreations of dishes from different movies and series.

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