The true meaning of little effort, big rewards!

It’s not often you can find something to eat for less than PHP 100 nowadays, but it is possible!

For days when you want to just grab something and fill you up in a pinch, these value items are super convenient. Not only are they worth PHP 100 or less, but they’re also available for delivery!

Here are 7 food & drink items under PHP 100 you can order for delivery now.

Kaya Toast – Nanyang

You can’t leave Nanyang without trying their iconic kaya toast. Though famous for that, they also serve other Singaporean favorites such as laksa, Hainanese chicken, nasi lemak, and more!

Price: ₱50 to 70

kaya toast nanyang
Photo from @nanyangph

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Jasmine Green Tea – Happy Lemon

One of the first milk tea places that offered unique milk tea drinks, get your cravings for Rock Salt Cheese topped drinks, bubble waffles, and more. Some must-tries: Cocoa with RSC, OG Milk Tea with Pearl, Creamy Baby, Lemon Special Cooler, Jasmine Green Tea, and Milo Dinosaur.

Price: ₱89

happy lemon rock salt with cheese jasmine green tea
Photo from @HappyLemonPh

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Jumbo Flavored Fries – Potato Corner

A beloved potato-loving stand that serves fries, chicken, chips, and even tots in a multitude of flavors like cheese, sour cream, bbq, ranch o’ cheddar, wasabi, and more, Potato Corner’s creations are a must-have as a snack or paired with fried food. Get their Jumbo-sized fries for less than PHP 100!

Price: ₱90

jumbo potato corner flavored fries
Photo from @potatocorner

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Plain Noodles with Sambal Sauce – Hawker Chan

previous Michelin-starred restaurant hailing from Singapore, at Hawker Chan, you can get your favorite soya chicken, char siew, roasted pork, and noodles with sambal sauce at affordable prices, delivered to your doorstep.

Price: ₱90

hawker chan plain noodles with sambal sauce
Photo from @HawkerChanPhilippines

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Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel – Auntie Anne’s

Dubbed as “the world’s most loved pretzels,” Auntie Anne’s features all-time favorites such as their signature knot-shaped pretzels in the crowd-favorite flavor: Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel, nuggets, and more!

Price: ₱95

cinnamon sugar pretzel auntie annes
Photo from @auntieannespretzels

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Cathedral Window – Goldilocks

A household name for Filipinos, Goldilocks has been one of the go-to places for Filipino, ulam, snacks, and of course, classic birthday greeting cakes perfect for celebrations with the family. Another comfort food classic includes their cathedral window; the perfect midday pick-me-up!

Price: ₱99

goldilocks cathedral window
Photo from @GoldilocksPh

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Queso Rollo – Pepi Cubano

Pepi Cubano serves and specializes in 6-inch Cubano sandwiches perfect for those who want a heavy snack or a light meal. Some must-tries are the best-sellers like the Arroz ala Cubana, the Pan De Bistec, and the Pepi Cubano Sandwich. For a more affordable option, go for their Queso Rollo at only PHP 100!

Price: ₱100

pepi cubano queso rollo
Photo from @pepicubanoph

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