Did someone say coffee AND ice cream?

Asking someone to pick between coffee and ice cream is like choosing between two of your kids–it’s impossible to say who you love more!

Lucky for us, UCC Coffee and Magnum have joined together for a collab to give us the best of both worlds–coffee and ice cream–in their newest coffee dessert creation! Introducing the Magnum Affogato selections!

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The Magnum Affogato series is the perfect summer treat that will give your taste buds an affogatable experience. Expect the rich and bold flavors of UCC Coffee combined with the indulgent sweetness of Magnum ice cream–heaven!

ucc magnum affogato series
Photo from Joyce Tseng | Booky

If you’re not drooling yet, then wait to hear the exciting flavors of the Magnum Affogato series–we have the Classic Magnum Affogato, Tiramisu Magnum Affogato, and the Orange Magnum Affogato!

ucc magnum affogato series
Photo from Joyce Tseng | Booky

The Classic Magnum Affogato is for those who want to keep things simple yet delicious. This dessert has whipped cream and chocolate crunch on top, too!

ucc magnum affogato series classic
Photo from Joyce Tseng | Booky

This Tiramisu Magnum Affogato is kissed with a dust of cocoa powder on top–wonderfully light and perfectly sweet!

ucc magnum affogato series tiramisu
Photo from Joyce Tseng | Booky

Although unusual at first glance, this Orange Magnum Affogato is a treat worth trying. You’ll get a taste of the refreshing citrus and bitter coffee tickling your taste buds!

ucc magnum affogato series orange
Photo from Joyce Tseng | Booky

The Magnum Affogato series will be available starting on May 1, 2023 on all UCC branches. In the meantime, follow their social media accounts for more coffee news!

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