Tita-han muna tayo!

It’s the way she walks, the way she talks, and the way she eats that makes one a certified Tita of Manila! There are a number of restaurants and bakeries in the metro that have become a famous spot for the weekly tita-han, aka coffee dates, brunch with a side of chikka, and maybe a cocktail or two in the afternoon!

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Have you been to these foodie places that are adored by our beloved titas? Know how much of a tita you are by taking this quiz!

Have you ever gathered your amigas for a brunch and gossip at Rustic Mornings?

Rustic Mornings
Photo from Facebook: Rustic Mornings by Isabelo

Have you ever eaten at Wildflour Restaurant and had a breakfast cocktail in the middle of the day?

Wildflour Restaurant
Photo from Facebook: Wildflour Restaurant

Have you ever brought your pamangkins and your whole fam to Manam for a mini reunion?

Photo from Facebook: Manam

Have you ever treated yourself to dessert at Bungalow Cafe after a breakdown because you realized the haters aren’t worth it?

Bungalow Cafe
Photo from Facebook: Bungalow Cafe

Have you ever stopped by Mary Grace Cafe for a quick coffe and snack after hours of shopping?

Mary Grace Cafe
Photo from Facebook: Mary Grace Cafe

How Tita Are You?

I said YES to ALL questions — No doubt, the Tita of Manila blood runs through our veins! 100%!
I said YES to 4 questions — We totally see the Tita spirit in you!
I said YES to 3 questions — Brunch pa more, Tita!
I said ES to 2 questions — You’re a Tita in the making!
I said YES to 1 question — A little more Tita-han and you’ll get there!

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