Let’s take it to the streets!

Alright, it may take a while before we can actually go to the streets freely and safely, however, it doesn’t mean our love for street foods has to end. We list here some businesses that offer street foods for delivery to satisfy your cravings.

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Of course, nothing beats ordering it out on the streets and making tusok-tusok—just as it should be. It may be a while, but at least, we have this option in the meantime.

Bulilit Kitchen

The team behind Access Tavel PH’s goal is to deliver happiness during this quarantine. They started offering traditional ihaw-ihaw favorites but have now collaborated with talented chefs to create meat and seafood dishes as well as baked goods.

You can order by messaging them through Facebook or ordering through their website.  
Photo from Facebook | Bulilit Kitchen

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Mang Larry’s Isawan

If you’re from UP, then you know Mang Larry’s is an institution when it comes to street food. Serving students and guests alike with some of the best merienda favorites even during this time.

Available for: Pick-up, take-out, or delivery via pabili couriers. You can order by messaging them on their Facebook page or contacting them at (0925) 384 5965 and (0945) 836 5250. 
Photo from Facebook | Mang Larry’s Isawan

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Jacinto St. near College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City
(0925) 384 5965; (0945)

Avenida Pedestrian Delights

If you’re looking for a variety of street foods like taho, iskrambol, sago’t gulaman, sorbetes, and all those tusok-tusok favorites, then look no further than Avenida Pedestrian Delights. They are indeed home to your favorite street foods.

Available for: Delivery. You can order through here. They are open from 8:30am-4:30pm except on Mondays.
Photo from Facebook | Avenida Pedestrian Delights

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(0906) 484 5785

Egg Station

We love our grilled innards and meat, but nothing can quite compare to eating crispy kwek-kwek dipped in delicious, spicy vinegar. Thanks to Egg Station, you can get your fix of all things egg like Tokneneng, Balut, and Penoy!

To order: Order via Foodpanda and Delirush
egg station
Photo from Facebook: Egg Station

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Crunchy Bucket

Planning an e-numan soon? Don’t forget to grab a large serving of Crunchy Bucket’s crunchy and flavorful chicken skin! Choose from flavors like salted egg, parmesan, barbeque, sour cream, spicy, and classic!

To order: Message them through this number: 09171270156
Crunchy Bucket chicken skin
Photo from Facebook: Crunchy Bucket

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Project 8. Quezon City

The Original Pares Mami House

During rainy nights on the road, a cart of steaming hot pares is a beacon of hope for those stubborn pangs of hunger. If you’re craving the same comfort at home, order at Original Pares Mami House and warm yourself up with their signature pares, lugaw, and noodle soups!

To order: You may order via FoodPanda or message them at 0966 627 1563
the original pares mami house
Photo from Facebook: The Original Pares Mami House

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Mang Rauls’s BBQ Haus

Mang Raul’s BBQ Haus is loved by many for their wide array of inihaw. Their Chicken BBQ is so good to pair with a mountain of rice, but other delicacies like Tenga, Balat ng Baboy, and Adidas also steal the show.

Available for: Take-out and delivery. To order, message them on Facebook or through their number. 
Mang Raul's BBQ Haus
Photo from Facebook: Mang Raul’s BBQ Haus

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CRM Ave. BF Homes Almanza 1750 Las Piñas
0920 289 7778

Grill Queen

Here’s another inihaw spot that will answer your street-food cravings—Grill Queen! They serve mouthwatering Pork BBQ, Liempo, and Bangus Steak. But what sets their menu apart is their Hito, Cebu Longganisa, and Tumbong!

To order: Message their numbers. Delivery is via grab or any pabili service and should be shouldered by the buyer.
Grill Queen
Photo from Facebook: Grill Queen

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116 Ns amoranto (Retiro) St. Quezon City
0932-2030474 / 0943-8669664/ 8935-5744.

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Cover image from Bulilit Kitchen Facebook page.