We bet you still can’t whistle with these.

Spain’s polvoron has been a classic treat here in the Philippines throughout the years. Locals love it for its sweet taste and powdery texture. Pop one in your mouth for a burst of sugar, milk, and rice crispies!

With Serenitea’s newest milktea flavors, drinking polvoron is now possible! The milktea brand has teamed up with House of Polvoron (HOP) to bring polvoron-flavored drinks to all boba fans.

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polvoron milk tea, serenitea
Photo from @iloveserenitea

Serenitea’s Polvoron Milktea Frost features the former’s classic milktea, layered with some cheese frost on top and sprinkled with plenty of polvoron bits.

polvoron milk tea, serenitea, polvoron milktea frost
Photo from @iloveserenitea

Replace the cheese frost with Serenitea’s signature brulee and you will get a taste of the Polvoron Brulee Frost.

polvoron milk tea, serenitea, polvoron brulee frost
Photo from @iloveserenitea

The ultimate polvoron milktea drink is the Polvoron Hokkaido Frost, which uses a butter caramel base, rich cheese frost, and generous polvoron powder.

polvoron milk tea, serenitea, polvoron hokkaido frost
Photo from @iloveserenitea

Additionally, you can choose between HOP’s classic and pinipig polvoron flavors to add to your drink.

polvoron milk tea, serenitea, polvoron hokkaido frost, polvoron brulee frost, polvoron milktea frost
Photo from @iloveserenitea

These polvoron milk tea drinks will be available until August 31. They can be ordered for dine in, pick-up, takeout, and delivery via GrabExpress, Foodpanda, Lalafood, and in-store.

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Cover image from Serenitea’s Instagram account


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