Want to know if your go-to snack made the list? Keep reading!

A snacks company that has been in the country for more than 5 decades, Modelez Philippines has been offering a variety of snacks to satisfy the taste buds of their customers. Now, not only have they transitioned to cater to different taste preferences but they’ve also considered lifestyle and religious needs as one of their must-satisfy criteria. As a result, they have finally secured Halal certification for most of their portfolio.

Mondelez Snacks
Photo from Booky

Currently, the Halal-certified snack brands are: Eden cheese, Cheez Whiz spread, Tang powdered beverage, Oreo cookies, Tiger biscuits, Halls candies, Toblerone chocolates, and most Cadbury products.

Mondelez Halal Snacks
Photo from Booky
Note: For the products manufactured by the Company locally, these have been certified by the Islamic Da'wah Council of the Philippines, Inc.

According to Chit Andoy, the Mondelez Philippines’ Quality Assurance Lead, “To determine if the product you are consuming is Halal, check the front or back of the packaging. There should be a seal or log from the Halal certifying body clearly displayed.”

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