Specially FROYO!

Koomi has been known for offering yogurt drinks for those who want a healthier and tangier alternative to the beloved milk tea. But apart from their beloved yogurt drinks did you know that they also offer freshly churned frozen yogurt?

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That’s right! Just last year they officially released their frozen yogurt that can be enjoyed in its simple Koomi form, flavored, or topped with honey, natural fruit, and more! Some toppings which you can choose from are avocado, boba pearls, dragon fruit, blueberry, red bean, pistachio, mango, cashew, strawberry, watermelon, cookies, biscoff, and even mochi.

Photo from Koomi

But if you’re indecisive like us, you’ll be glad to know that they have specially created three new flavors just in time for summer!

We have the KitKat My Eyes Oreo, A Fro’pical Twist, and Cheese Ube-be Froyo.

KitKat My Eyes Oreo Froyo koomi froyo frozen yogurt
Photo from Darleen Sy | Booky

The KitKat My Eyes Oreo Froyo comes with KitKat, Oreo chunks, Nutella, and is finished off with Oreo cookie crumbs.

koomi froyo frozen yogurt a fro'pical twist
Photo from Janina Chua | Booky

For something light and refreshing, go for their A Fro’pical Twist Froyo—their tangy yogurt topped with strawberries, mangoes, and kiwi.

koomi froyo frozen yogurt ube-be cheese
Photo from Darleen Sy | Booky

And last but not the least, their Cheese Ube-be Froyo marries all your classic Filipino favorites: ube syrup, cheese foam, nata, and desiccated coconut.

So, if you’re a Koomi and Froyo fan, don’t miss out on their new menu items and head to the Koomi branch nearest you.

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