Rice and shine.

Just like the rest of the world, Baguio City has also suffered during this pandemic, and just like the rest, most of its establishments needed to adapt in order to survive. One of those is G and C Cafe, a small café found inside Hotel Cosmopolitan, which remained opened to serve customers in The City of Pines though only through delivery.

During quarantine, however, they also did some conceptualizing and introduced new dishes to offer their customers including their Kakanin Donuts. This gluten-free, all-natural ingredients and mochi inspired doughnut is the perfect combination of crisp on the outside with a sticky and chewy inside. Thinking about it makes our mouths water already!

Photo from Facebook | G and C Cafe At Baguio City

Made with rice flour – just like your favorite Filipino kakanins, you can choose from 6 different flavors: Leche Flan, Kalamansi Cream Pie, Bibingka Galapong, Tsoknut, Pinipig Crunch, and Ube Halaya which is glazed by Baguio’s famous Good Shepherd’s Ube Jam.

They are currently sold for P250 for a box of 6 and P470 for a dozen to which you can order for dine-in, take out, and delivery in Baguio City. You can also message them on their Facebook page and Instagram account to order along with their other dishes on their menu like their rice meals and other baked goods.

Photo from Facebook | G and C Cafe At Baguio City

It may be a while for us, those who live outside of Baguio City, to get a taste of this Filipino reinvention, but at least there’s something we can all look forward to once this is all over. For now, we can only wait patiently and stay safe and healthy until we get to go on another food trip in Baguio City.

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Cover image from G and C Cafe’s Facebook page.