Hint: The first two flavors give you the option of choosing either savory or sweet!

When Jim’s Recipe first opened its doors to the public in the Philippines back in 2019, long queues outside their stores were a normal sight. It’s easy to see why they’re so popular though; who could resist this jiggly, light and fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness?

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After over two years of serving freshly baked buttery sponge cakes to Filipinos, they released a ‘Sponge Bar’ series that incorporates everything you love about the original sponge cakes except this time, in various flavors and bite-sized form. The first two flavors give you the option of choosing either savory or sweet but if you want our advice, we suggest you get both! *wink*

Jim's Recipe Oreo and Pork Floss Sponge Bar
Photo from Jim’s Recipe

Pork Floss Sponge Bar

A unique salty and sweet fare with hints of umami thanks to the rousong that coats the entire sponge bar. This flavor combination unsurprisingly works as the mild eggy flavor of the sponge cake complements the meaty flavor of the pork floss.

Jim's Recipe Pork Floss Sponge Bar
Photo from Jim’s Recipe

Oreo Sponge Bar

For those with a sweet tooth, the crunchy Oreo Sponge Bar is a no-brainer. The base of the sponge bar is the same as the lightly sweet bread we all know and love from the original sponge cakes so you don’t have to worry about it being overly sweet. The added crushed oreo coating also gives the sponge bar a subtle crunch in contrast to the light and airy bread.

Jim's Recipe Oreo Sponge Bar
Photo from Jim’s Recipe

The Sponge Bar series is now available in all Jim’s Recipes branches nationwide and comes in a box of one for PHP 89, a box of two for PHP 170, and a box of four for PHP 330.

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