Have fun even without the sun!

It’s no secret that we’re all dying to go out and spend time outdoors. But it’s not only the pandemic that’s stopping us, the rainy season is also keeping us in our homes.

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Don’t let the cabin fever bring you down, though, because we’ve gathered exciting and relaxing ways to spend cold, cozy days when the rain is hitting hard outside!

Time for a game night

What better way to spend your free time than by diving in to the world of online gaming? Invite your friends and let the fun begin! Or, if you’re more of the old school type of gamer, take those board games off the shelf and play with the whole family!

online games
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Snuggle up with a good book

The cold weather is certainly the perfect time to wrap yourself in a burrito blanket and cozy up with your favorite book. Let the sound of the rain be your background music as you relax and lose yourself into another world.

reading a book
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Whip up something warm in the kitchen

The rainy season calls for a steaming cup of coffee or a delicious bow of soup to comfort the belly. Why not check out online recipes and cook up a meal that will keep you warm (and satisfied!) during the cold days? We suggest learning how to make Filipino favorites like bulalo, mami, sopas, or arroz caldo!

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Have an indoor karaoke

The only way to drown out the thunder is to sing louder! Find the karaoke versions of your favorite songs on Youtube, connect your microphone (or use anything as your fake mic), and throw a mini concert in your own home!.

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Learn a tune or two on your guitar

If karaoke is not your jam, then maybe some acoustic vibes are the right one for you. Pick up your old guitar and find a sweet tune that matches the falling of the rain. If you don’t know how to play one yet, then now is also a good time to learn!

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Give some love to your skin

Rainy days are also the perfect weather to just lie down in bed all day and do nothing. But how about you make that extra special by getting into your comfy clothes and putting on some face masks to rejuvinate your skin? Not only will you be able to chill, you’ll even look good while doing it!

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Tour online museums

Is your museum date cancelled? Don’t worry, there are plenty of websites that offer virtual tours to musems around the world. Now you can witness astonishing works of art without leaving your couch!

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Do a trending dance cover

If you’re bummed that you can’t jog, you can still work up a sweat by jumping on the current TikTok trend and learning a dance cover! Grab yourself a dancing buddy and shake those hips! No need to a be a pro, what’s important is that you have fun!

dance tiktok
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Binge watch your favorite shows

If you didn’t have time to watch everything on your movie/tv show bucketlist before, then now is a good time to tick all those items off the list! Get comfortable in your couch, make sure the popcorn is ready, and enjoy the show!

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Schedule an e-numan with your barkada

When the #sepannx hits, a video call with friends over a few bottles of beer always does the trick. It’s a good way to catch up, spill some tea, or just spend some quality time with each other.

online hangout
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