Ice cream-inspired Hershey’s flavored bars? WOW!

Who here loves munching on Hershey’s Cookies N Creme bars? I’m sure this treat made a big impact on our childhood (even up until today) because of its great combination of sweet and milky with an added crunch. So when we found out that there are 3 new flavors of Hershey’s Cookies N Creme bars available in the Metro, we can’t help but spread the good news!

Hershey's new flavors
Artwork by Booky

Introducing, Hershey’s ice cream-inspired chocolate bars! First flavor, Strawberries and N Creme, definitely a must-try for those who loves strawberries since you’ll get crunchy strawberry flakes in every bite. Next up is their Cookies N Mint flavored bar, a treat for those who are into minty flavored treats. Lastly, Hershey’s Birthday Cake with rainbow candy sprinkles, this literally tastes like a slice of cake!

Hershey's globalfoodnews
Photo from @globalfoodnews

Get a hold of these fun flavors by heading to the nearest 7-Eleven store! Each chocolate bar cost P60.

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