Your two faves in one!

Milktea-flavored popcorn sounds like something from a food fantasy, but we assure you that it’s 100% real! And it’s all happening thanks to Happy Lemon’s collaboration with the best gourmet popcorn brand–Chef Tony’s!

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If you loved sipping Happy Lemon’s Cocoa Rock Salt & Cheese and Lemon Rock Salt & Cheese, then get ready to pop them in your mouth, because they are Chef Tony’s new popcorn flavors!

happy lemon chef tonys
Photo from Facebook: Happy Lemon Philippines

These exciting treats are the best way to level up your movie marathons and snack time! They are available in all stores so grab them now before they’re gone!

In Case You Missed It: You HAVE to try Happy Lemon’s New Yakult Series

Yakult? Good. Fresh fruit? Good. Yakult AND fresh fruit? Even better. In the scorching heat of Manila, there is nothing like a cold pick-me-up to get you back on track and Happy Lemon’s new Yakult drink series is just the thing you need. This newly launched series features the deliciously tangy Lemon Yakult Cooler, the addictive and fruity Strawberry Yakult Cooler, and a straight up, no frills Yakult smoothie.

Happy Lemon, Lemon Yakult Cooler, Strawberry Yakult Cooler, Yakult smoothie
Photo from Facebook | Happy Lemon

Beyond being delicious (because Yakult is always delicious — point-blank, period), the great thing about these drinks is that they’re also good for you. Not only does it have freshly blended fruit filled with Vitamin C, it also has the “probiotic goodness of Yakult.”

happy lemon yakult
Photo from Facebook | Happy Lemon

So if you’re thinking about picking up another soft drink or sugary milkshake, consider swapping it for one of these Happy Lemon drinks instead! It’ll cool you down, freshen you up, and give you a good dose of vitamins and probiotics, too. Can you ask for more?

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Cover photo from Happy Lemon’s Facebook page.