Eat in the middle of shopping or shop in the middle of eating.

Located in Burgos Circle, Eesome brings good food and great finds under one roof: the first floor is where you’ll find their cafe, bar, and restaurant, while the second floor houses their retail space and ice cream shop. Browsing through shoes while enjoying an in-house swirled cup of ice cream is a highly recommended experience

Tip: Try to find where their VIP section is. 

Even if you don’t consider yourself a sneakerhead, their restaurant is worth the visit. And, moving from restaurant to retail are two different aesthetics, with the spiral staircase creating a transition between the two.

Eesome Interiors
Photo by Joyce Tseng | Booky

As for the restaurant, feast your eyes on its beautiful interiors: smooth curves and the sleek combination of concrete and tiles welcome you as you step into their revolving door.

Eesome Interiors Dining
Photo by Joyce Tseng | Booky

Their table in front of the bar is reminiscent of garlic sliced right in the middle; an appreciated quirky detail.

Bar and Dining Eesome
Photo by Joyce Tseng | Booky

Then you can have your fill with their dishes and drinks.

Pulpo Ceviche

It’s a launch special of perfectly cooked octopus, and cilantro in citrus vinaigrette, cocooned in pani puri that gives a pleasant contrast of chew and crunch with a light kick from the green chili.

Note: This dish isn’t on their regular menu.

Pulpo Ceviche from Eesome
Photo by Joyce Tseng | Booky

Arugula Shrimp Salad

It’s made of cherry tomatoes, asparagus, and snow peas drizzled in a truffle vinaigrette and was smokey yet refreshing.

Tip: The staff recommended enjoying it with their G&J: a concoction of gin, orange, agave, and aperol.

Arugula Shrimp Salad Eesome
Photo by Joyce Tseng | Booky

Grilled Mahi

This dish’s mahi was tender and came with bok choy, onion, and cilantro oil.

Grilled Mahi Eesome
Photo by Joyce Tseng | Booky

Tip: Pair this with their Off White-Sour. The inclusion of refreshing ingredients is a common theme in Eesome’s dishes, which serves to highlight the variety of flavors that all come together in each item.

Off White Sour eesome
Photo by Joyce Tseng | Booky

Short Rib Agnolotti with Charon

It’s a stuffed pasta with savory beef charon, crispy garlic chips, topped with truffle cheese foam to make an indulgent dish.

Short Rib Agnolotti with Eesome
Photo by Joyce Tseng | Booky

Tip: Pair this with a gin & tonic. It’s refreshing, and their selection is a great introduction to those who are exploring liquors and spirits.

Gin and Tonic Eesome
Photo by Joyce Tseng | Booky

Mango & Coconut Panna Cotta.

Coconut lovers will fall in love with this dish topped with mango sorbet, coconut tuile, and toasted sticky rice. More than just the strong coconut flavor is the range of textures from the silkiness of the base, to the crispiness of the tuile, to the cool crunch of the sorbet.

Mango Panna Cotta Eesome
Photo by Joyce Tseng | Booky

Sea Salt Late & Hazelnut Latte

There for the coffee? Enjoy waking up with these coffee drinks, both of which did not skimp out on either caffeine or flavor. If those don’t quite tickle your fancy, their coffee menu offers a wide variety of items that can come hot or iced.

Latte from Eesome
Photo by Joyce Tseng | Booky

Enjoy delicious dishes and strong drinks (whether it be coffee or cocktails) in a beautiful space. Drop by and experience where retail and resto meet, they’re open daily with the following operating hours: Cafe: 9 AM – 8 PM | Restaurant + Bar: 10 AM – 2 AM | Shop: 11 AM – 2 AM.

Eesome Entrance
Photo by Joyce Tseng | Booky

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