Bring your best-TEAs!

When we all started going crazy for milk tea, many of us thought it was just a fad but time and time again, it’s been proven that we really just can’t get enough of it!

From keychains to plushies, now you can actually immerse yourself in a whole room dedicated to milk tea. There’s a giant cup with a straw that you can fit yourself in, a human claw machine, and even “Boba Pong” … yes, exactly like Beer Pong, among many others!

Photo from Booky
Photo from Booky

Of course, the room wouldn’t be complete without actual milk tea to drink! RoyalTea has their very own booth where you can indulge in favourites like Brown Sugar milk tea, Cheezo Tea, Fruit Tea, and their Latte Series.

Photo from Booky
Photo from Booky

You can enjoy a free sample of RoyalTea Milk Tea and even win a full-sized one when you play their Giant Human Claw Machine!

For more information on The Dessert Museum’s Milk Tea Room, check out their Facebook page. To make a reservation, you can find their official website here.

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The Dessert Museum

If you love candy and you’re not afraid to show it– The Dessert Museum’s the perfect place for you! Indulge in house-made sweets, while you take pictures in nine of their unique rooms.

Allow yourself to go off-track in their newest installations and newly renovated rooms. You can now try the latest activities like their toss games, brain freezers, Jenga towers, and hopscotch!

Candy and dessert installation
Photo from Facebook | thedessertmuseum

Apart from the dessert, this is also a safe haven for anyone visiting! Freely express your emotions in their Type Your Feelings Away installation. Better yet, jot bad feelings into a piece of paper and slowly let it go as it shreds, in their famous Shred Your Bitterness Away installation.

There’s so much more cool stuff waiting for you here! We’ve listed down everything you need to know as you explore each room. PLUS, check out our insider tips to help you kickstart your sugary journey.

Photo from The Dessert Museum

Donut Room

The tour initially begins in this room. You’ll have to slide into a gigantic “donut hole” to be welcomed by a hundred more tiny donuts hanging across the room! The donuts will immediately give you the Homer Simpson vibes, as it’s designed with the distinguishable pink icing and sprinkles.

Insider Tip: Tickets are available online or on the spot! After validation, wristbands are given for you to wear. 

Donut room with donuts hanging from the ceiling
Photo from @dessertmuseum
Model at the Donut room
Photo from @dessertmuseum

Marshmallow Room

It’s just like Willy Wonka once you step into this mouthwatering room! Thousands of marshmallows hang from the ceiling, like falling raindrops, and a marshmallow rainbow sits pretty at the end of the room.

Marshmallow room installation
Photo from @donskipangs

Snack on the mallows while you dip them into the chocolate, strawberry, or caramel fountains available!

Insider Tip: Tour guides are present to assist you with anything you need, including your double-dipping questions!

Photo from The Dessert Museum
Chocolate fountains
Photo from @dessertmuseum

Candy Cane Room

Here’s the question of the century, are you naughty or nice? Choose between the pink door corresponding to ‘naughty,’ or the blue door for ‘nice.’ The doors lead into candy cane pathways split into two colors!

children in candy cane room
Photo from @dessertmuseum

Pink and blue clash in the middle of the room, where you can find a seesaw perfect for your Instagram photos! You can also snack on either the blueberry or strawberry macarons.

Insider Tip: A slot inside the Dessert Museum grants you 2 hours to explore! Make sure you use the time wisely to make the best out of all the rooms. 

Photo from The Dessert Museum

Macaron Tea Party

The owners of the Dessert Museum want people to feel like they’re stepping into the world of Alice in Wonderland. You’ll absolutely feel so, with these giant tea sets! Bounce on the life-size macarons and enjoy the calming colors of blue, periwinkle, lilac, and white!

Macaron Tea Party room with giant teapots and macarons
Photo from @dessertmuseum
Insider Tip: Make sure your phones and cameras are fully charged for these sweet backdrops! 

Banana Beach

Get the tropical feels in this golden ensemble. Enjoy taking photos in the banana pit, where a gazillion bananas and beach balls lay in delight!

Banana beach room
Photo from @dessertmuseum

Gumball + Gummy Bear Room

The room features a large gumball machine where you can enter and take photos! In addition, there are four life-size gummy bears ready to welcome you. The fun doesn’t stop there, as you get photo-ops with the three miniature bathtubs and trampolines placed all over the room.

Gumball room
Photo from Facebook | thedessertmuseum

Bewitched Bakery

Had enough yet? Yeah, we didn’t think so! Get that sweetness-overload going with these enormous cake slices and cookies! Nobody’s judges in the Dessert Museum!

Photo from The Dessert Museum

Piñata Pit

This room is a crowd favorite! The carnival-themed room even showcases an in-house mini carousel. The vibrant shades of hot pink and orange, make for a festive backdrop.

Photo from The Dessert Museum
Insider Tip: Don't forget to try the room's dessert, the Over Mango! A simple yet oh-so-good mango-graham ice cream. 

Photo from The Dessert Museum

Cake Pop

You won’t miss the eight, giant cake pops suspended upside down from the ceiling! It’s just like how you let the excess cream drip off the cake pop before serving. Don’t be shy to hop onto it and ride it like a wrecking ball! End the day by spoiling yourself with the red velvet or chocolate cake pops.

Photo from The Dessert Museum

And if you didn’t know already, you can save big bucks with Booky. You can enjoy an Entrance Pass for One at The Dessert Museum for just ₱799 ₱599.

Check out their website
View their Facebook page
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G/F S Maison, Seaside Blvd, Pasay
(02) 8838-7927

Book a tour at The Dessert Museum HERE

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