Heaven on a stick!

Let’s face it—nobody has gotten over their addiction for all things Choco Butternut. For sure you’ve tried making your own Choco Butternut Munchkins with our DIY recipe or tasted every Choco Butternut-inspired treat on the planet. But if you’re craving for more, here’s a new surprise that will satisfy your Korean cravings and sweet tooth—the Choco Butternut Overload Korean Corndog!

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This uniquely delicious snack is the creation of Cielle’s Whisk, the home of the jaw-dropping Chocobutternut Overload Cake. It’s the first of its kind in the country, which makes this Corndog extra special and gives you more reason to try it out!

choco butternut corn dog
Photo from Facebook: Cielle’s Whisk

What’s in these Choco Butternut Overload Korean Corndogs? First, you’ve got a scrumptious crunch from the coating of the signature butternut streusel made by Cielle’s Whisk. Then, you’ll get that soft, fluffy corndog that’s specially made with Korean flour. And lastly, you’ll sink your teeth in oozing dark chocolate filling that’s smooth, rich, and just the right amount of sweetness.

choco butternut corn dog
Photo from Facebook: Cielle’s Whisk

These mouth-watering corndogs start at P99, so what are you waiting for? Message this page for your orders! You may also buy the Choco Butternut Overload Corndogs from these participating branches.

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Sampaloc 1008 Manila
0916 602 9033

You butternut miss out on this!

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