We like this bun and we cannot lie.

Japanese bakery, Kumori, has introduced us to the Activated Charcoal Melon Pan, a special collaboration they did with popular frozen yogurt place, BLK 513.

For those who might have not heard of a Melon Pan before, it’s a sweet bun covered with a thin crisp cookie dough that’s famous in Japan. It’s not traditionally melon flavored, however, its name came from how it resembles a melon.

Photo from Facebook | BLK 513

Now, Kumori and BLK 513’s Melon Pan is made extra with activated charcoal added to its coating which gives it that distinct black color and nutty flavor. Quite a contrast to the inner parts of the bun which is made of soft, fluffy bread and lovely cream cheese filling.

Fact: Activated charcoal is known both in the medicinal and cosmetic world for its toxin-absorbing properties. 
Photo from Facebook | Kumori Philippines

You can visit any of both Kumori’s and BLK 513’s stores to get your hands on these buns. You can also order through Kumori’s website or you can message BLK 513’s Instagram account. They’re also available on Food Panda and Grab Food. The Activated Charcoal Melon Pan sells for P68 a piece, or P272 for a box of 4.

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Cover image from Kumori Philippines’ Facebook page.