Japanese AND French specialties in one store? Sign me up!

Despite the numerous coffee shops that have popped up in the metro, we can’t get enough and are always looking forward to new cafes opening up.

One cafe that coffee lovers may be on the lookout for and have been anticipating for since its announcement last year has to be Cafe Kitsune. And thanks to a spontaneous trip to Podium, we’ve discovered that they’re finally setting up shop and may open their doors really soon!

Cafe Kitsune Opening Podium
Photo from Booky

If you don’t know what Cafe Kitsune is, it’s a cafe where French-meets-Japanese in both its interiors and menu. Here’s a glimpse of the interiors and food options from other branches worldwide:

Cafe Kitsune Paris Interiors
Photo from Facebook | Cafe Kitsune
Cafe Kitsune Drinks
Photo from Facebook | Cafe Kitsune
Sando from Cafe Kitsune
Photo from Facebook | Cafe Kitsune
Cafe Kitsune Chocolate Croissant
Photo from Facebook | Cafe Kitsune

Although they haven’t revealed much in terms of dishes or interiors, we still can’t wait to see what they have in store for coffee lovers!

Stay updated with news from Cafe Kitsune by checking out their website or following their Facebook and Instagram account.

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