Do-nut sleep on this!

When the pandemic hit our country, one of the things we found trending since the beginning of the quarantine period was people missing bubble milk tea -BIG TIME! It’s not a surprise that eventually these milk tea shops were able to think of ways for them to cater to their customers. However, this local bakeshop took it one step further with Boba Donuts.

Yeap, you read it right. A milk tea cream-filled donut exists and it comes with real tapioca pearls inside!

Milk Tea Boba Donuts from Bobba Donuts
Photo from Facebook Page | Bobba Donuts MNL

Bobba Donuts MNL is the brainchild of foodie couple, Jed Gamir and Chef Bekah Cuneta. Baked fresh every morning, these heavenly treats have a burnt caramelized exterior like that of a Creme Brulee and is filled with milk tea flavored cream with real tapioca pearls. These yummy babies sell for 180 pesos for a box of 4

Milk Tea and Boba Donuts from Bobba Donuts
Photo from @bobbadonutsmnl_

Not only that, but Bobba Donuts MNL introduced a new flavor, Ube and Parmigiano Bobba Donuts! These donuts are filled with creamy ube filling and chewy tapioca pearls with ube halaya glaze topped with parmigiano cheese. Now that sounds like a treat you shouldn’t miss out on! A box of 4 costs P220.

Bobba Donuts MNL Ube and Parmigiano Bobba Donuts
Photo from @bobbadonutsmnl_

Send them a message on their Instagram or Facebook Page to get your hands on them. Better hurry though as it looks like orders are coming in really fast!

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