Bis-cocho back, merienda lovers!

One of the biggest things that people miss about the pre-pandemic days is travel — with that, of course, is the food we get to eat when traveling. And one of the best out-of-town treats for us Manileños is undoubtedly the delicacies from Iloilo’s famous Biscocho Haus.

But gone are the days of waiting for someone to bring it back as pasalubong from their trip to Iloilo, because Biscocho Haus is finally blessing us with deliveries to Metro Manila!

Biscocho Haus Biscocho
Photo from Facebook | Original Biscocho Haus

Now if you haven’t tried the treats from Biscocho Haus, you definitely have to add it your quarantine to-do list. The first thing you have to try is the treat they’re named for; their Biscocho is perfectly crunchy, buttery, sugary, and is incredible paired with coffee or tea.

Don’t let the name fool you, though — they offer more than just Biscocho. From butterscotch to otap, barquiron to polvoron, they offer pastries and delicacies that will make any Filipino-delicacy lover drool.

Biscocho Haus Biscocho
Photo from Facebook | Original Biscocho Haus

Getting these treats in your tum can’t get any easier. Just order via Biscocho Haus’ website or even through their Facebook page and you’re set!

They deliver via J&T or LBC, so as long as your area is covered by these couriers, you’re good to go. It may not get to your doorstep ASAP because it will be flying in straight for Iloilo, but the wait is absolutely worth it.

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Cover image from Original Biscocho Haus’ Facebook page.


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