You’re this close to living out your K-drama fantasies.

It’s an arguable fact that the food in K-dramas looks unjustifiably good to the point that we can’t help but order from our favorite Korean restaurants to recreate the foodie-xperience of the characters. And though our effort is no doubt admirable especially with our limited options, for fans of Goblin: The Lonely great God, Crash Landing on You, and The King: Eternal Monarch, you can finally have a taste of the famous Golden Olive Chicken from the real deal: bb.q chicken.

Fun fact: ARMYs, a long time ago, BTS were also the advertising models for the brand. 

Opened in 1995 in a small village, bb.q chicken, or known as bb.q Olive Chicken in the dramas, has opened numerous branches around the world including some states in the U.S., Japan, and Malaysia. As of a few days ago, the Philippines has made the list of countries housing a bb.q chicken branch. To be more specific, our branch is located at 2/F Central Square BGC, Taguig City.

Fun fact: As of 2022, they've become Korea's No. 1 chicken joint.  
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If you’re planning to head on there, their OG fried chicken which is chicken fried in olive oil is a must-try. Which flavor to try is dependent is highly dependent on your spice tolerance but they have a variety of Filipino flavors – Honey Garlic, Soy Garlic, Cheesy – and Korean flavors – Galbi, Gangnam style, and Gang-Jeong – to choose from. Aside from those, they also have other Korean staples you can pair with your fried chicken.

BBQ Chicken Chicken
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So, before a lot of people discover this gem, might as well visit the restaurant and get your chicken on!

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