The Queen has finally graced us Manileños!

We don’t know which is sadder: the fact that we can’t travel at all or the fact that we can’t eat what we’re craving for because of travel restrictions. If you’re like us where eating is as much part of the adventure of traveling as getting to see and experience what the place has to offer, this quarantine period has been one heartbreak after another.

But thank all that is holy for businesses who aim to reach even the furthest of their customers. One of which is Pampanga’s celebrated restaurant, Aling Lucing, who now offers delivery of their famous Sisig here in Metro Manila. 

Hailed as the “Sisig Queen”, you can now get your hands on Lucia Cunanan’s simple – no mayo for those who are uncertain whether they like it in sisig or not –  yet very tender and delicious version of Sisig during this pandemic. 

Plus, what’s great is that they’re already ready to eat – you just have to reheat them in the microwave or in a pan if you want! But if you’re feeling extra, you can take out that sizzling platter you’ve been hiding and put them into good use. 

To get your hands on this Anthony Bourdain certified Sisig, you just simply need to slide into their DMs or contact them through Viber at 09178088690. This tub full of pork wonders may not take you to another place, however, this is surely close enough! 

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Cover image from Aling Lucing’s Facebook Page.


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