Sweet but a little naughty ;)

Did you think that candies are only for kids? Well, prepare to be mindblown because these gummy candies from Sparkling Gummies are actually infused with wine and booze!

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Yup, these sweet things may look innocent, but they’ve got a little bit of poison in them. Sparkling Gummies offers a wide array of flavors like Wine (Rosé, White Wine, Red Wine), Boozy (Whisky, Tequila, Vodka), Soju (Classic and Strawberry), Cocktails (Espresso Martini, Chocolate Liqueur), and more!

sparkling gummies
Photo from Facebook: Sparkling Gummies

If you don’t know where to start, we recommend their bestsellers, Rosé and Soju! Or, if you’re a fan of BTS, you’ll be thrilled to know that they have introduced the BT21 Cocktail List! This line of gummy flavors is limited edition and is inspired by the boys of the Korean group.

sparkling gummies
Photo fro Instagram: @sparkling_gummies

There are many ways to enjoy these candies, too! You can freeze them up to give them a different texture, you can add them to your alcoholic beverages for a more exciting taste, or you can even mix them with your sodas as sinkers!

sparkling gummies
Photo from Facebook: Sparkling Gummies

Don’t worry, if you’re in for the gummies and not for the alcohol, they also offer healthy and kid-friendly gummy candies! For order and inquiries, just slide into their Instagram DMs. Don’t forget to follow them on their social media accounts to get updated about their latest candy booze creations!

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