Food for the soul and spirit!

Van Gogh is Bipolar, a quirky, eclectic restaurant tucked away in Maginhawa, is finally reopening its doors after a long hiatus. In a Facebook post by Jetro Vin Rafael, owner of Van Gogh is Bipolar, he announced that as of September 21, they are ready to serve once again!

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Van Gogh is Bipolar has gained popularity because of its unique concept. More than a place that offers food, the restaurant acts as a mood-healing sanctuary where the mind and the spirit are simultaneously nourished with the body.

Photo by Jar Consengco from Van Gogh Is Bipolar Facebook

The menu changes every so often so each visit is a unique experience. It’s also designed to have mood-healing properties that are based on natural homeopathic medicine alternatives and is what ultimately makes Van Gogh is Bipolar what it is today.

Photo from Facebook: Van Gogh is Bipolar

For now, Van Gogh is Bipolar can only accommodate a handful of customers at specific hours of the day. However, Jetro promises a more intimate and more special dining experience that is certainly worth the wait. For reservations, click on this link and tune in to their Facebook posts for restaurant schedules and reservation advisories.

ICYMI: Van Gogh is Bipolar Has a Tea Perfect for Whatever Mood You’re in

Van Gogh is Bipolar’s name itself is quite memorable. Not only does it pertain to the influential art figure’s (Van Gogh) condition, but also Jetro’s. And though we know Van Gogh is Bipolar as a restaurant, it really is more of a “gastronomical healing sanctuary” where people come for a pick-me-up through food.

But part from their well-curated feasts, they also serve medicinal teas prior to every meal. These are what they like to call “Mood-Healing Teas” and are said to have specific mood-altering purposes whether to aid anxiety, boost relaxation and energy, etc.

van gogh is bipolar mood healing tea
Photo from Van Gogh is Bipolar
van gogh is bipolar mood healing tea
Photo from Van Gogh is Bipolar

Now, they have made the Mood-Healing Teas readily available to have in your own home and sell them in sets. The tea sets come in six different flavors and purposes: mango tea for a happy chill mood, banana tea for a light chill mood, tamarind as an extra upper, guyabano for extra calming, avocado for those in need of soothing, and guava tea for anyone after an upper mood.

van gogh is bipolar mood healing tea
Photo from Van Gogh is Bipolar

All tea sets are all-natural, caffeine-free, locally sourced, and are FDA-approved. You can order them here.

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