“You can’t be afraid to try new things”

Due to the number of COVID-19 cases in the country, many establishments are still closed for the safety of everyone. With this, experiential activities have not yet opened their doors to the public like escape room centers, interactive art museums and many more.

Thankfully, we got to chat with the co-founder of The Dessert Museum, Joseph Moore, as he shared his helpful business insights and tips to those in the same industry and how they pivoted their business during the pandemic.

The Dessert Museum entrance
Photo from Booky

Advice to Business Owners in This Pandemic

During the past few months, it’s certainly a tough time for everyone, including business owners. With this, Joseph emphasizes on the importance of not being afraid to try new things. He states “so we needed to put ourselves out there to learn new things and keep moving forward.” As the famous quote goes, “It is better to regret doing than to regret not doing”.

Tips for People in the Same Industry

Joseph recommends business owners in the same industry to bring their unique experience online, to continuously engage with their customers and to keep up with the latest trends. He adds, “They need to pivot their focus to an online presence. Now is not the time to fade away. You need to keep engaged with your customers. You need to make sure that you’re still on everybody’s mind“.

The Dessert Museum
Photo from Booky

Importance of Taking Care of The Employees

For Joseph and the team behind The Dessert Museum, one of their main priorities is the safety of their employees by not requiring them to travel and ofcourse, planning ahead and instilling hope during this difficult time. Here’s what Joseph has to say about planning ahead, “We plan for the future that’s what we do. We plan what we’re going to do once this quarantine is over. We plan for how we’re going to extend the life of the business how we’re going to keep it alive during this time and how we’re going to make grow it once this is all over.”.

The pandemic has brought about new and unique challenges that many businesses are currently facing and we hope that our Business in The Time of COVID-19 series can help you and your team navigate through many of these obstacles. You may follow our LinkedIn page for up and coming discussions with other business leaders in the country.