Gyu-don’t have to travel all the way to Makati and Manila for a bowl soon!

Gyudon fans! If you’ve been frequenting Sukiya’s branch at Glorietta 2 just to get your cravings for Gyudon satisfied and you live far away, here’s some good news that may just make your day!

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Sukiya is opening a third branch and this time at SM Megamall! This means, all those who live up north or are close to it, don’t have to commute or drive all the way to Makati and Manila to get their fill of this Japanese goodness in a bowl.

sukiya megamall
Photo from Allyana Lopez | Booky

Though they haven’t provided the exact date of their opening, they have said that it shall open during the second quarter of the year which means it’s coming reaaaaal soon. So, best keep your eyes peeled for their next updates and announcement on the new location!

In Case You Missed It

SUKIYA, Japan’s number one Gyudon chain, has finally opened its doors here in Manila! They opened their branch in Glorietta 2 on November 24, and they’re now ready to give you a taste of their internationally-acclaimed food!

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SUKIYA is best known for serving affordable yet delicious and top-notch Gyudon and other Japanese rice bowls. They started off in Yokohama, Japan in 1982 and currently have over 2,500 restaurants worldwide which means that their food is an absolute must-try!

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What’s on their menu? Of course, you’ll find their famous Gyudon bowls that include thinly sliced beef and onions simmered in a mildly sweet soy-based sauce! Price starts at P125 for the small size, but if you have a big appetite, you can get the XL bowl for P209!

gyudon sukiya

You can also customize their classic Gyudon bowls by adding various delicious toppings such as kimchi, spicy mayo, and melted cheese. Other Gyudon variations include Spicy Crispy Gyudon, Teriyaki Mayo Sunny Side Up Gyudon, and Crispy Teriyaki Mayo Gyudon!

SUKIYA Gyudon with Melted Cheese Mozzarella
Photo from @sukiya.philippines

Their Beef Yakiniku is also a crowd-favorite and it starts at P159 for a medium bowl. Just like the Gyudon bowl, you can get this Beef Yakiniku in variations like Melted Cheese, Kimchi, Teriyaki Mayo Sunny Side Up, Spicy Crispy Yakiniku, Crispy Teriyaki Mayo, and Spicy Mayo Sunny Side Up!

SUKIYA Kimchi Yakiniku Bowl
Photo from @sukiya.philippines

Not to miss is their authentic Japanese curry, which is one of the most beloved foods of the locals! SUKIYA uses its original recipe and each plate comes with curry rice, your choice of meat, plus sausages and cheese! The Beef Curry starts at P169 for the medium bowl.

SUKIYA curry
Photo from Facebook: SUKIYA Philippines

Another mouth-watering dish is their Hokkaido Pork Bowl which includes grilled pork belly with a shoyu based sauce that is slightly sweet and rich in umami flavor! We highly recommend the Spicy flavor to give that savory goodness a kick! A medium bowl starts at P149.

SUKIYA pork bowl
Photo from Facebook: SUKIYA Philippines

For grill fans, this Flame Grilled Yakitori Bowl is for you! We recommend that you try the Sukiya’s Cheese Yakitori Bowl which combines flame grilled chicken with oozing cheddar cheese and shredded mozzarella. Price starts at P129 for the medium bowl.

SUKIYA cheese yakitori
Photo from Facebook: SUKIYA Philippines

Yakisoba, a Japanese-style fried noodle, is also on their menu! Solo plate starts at P99 and you can even choose toppings like sausage, beef, and egg!

SUKIYA yakisoba
Photo from Facebook: SUKIYA Philippines

Other delicious picks include their Unagi Bowls, various side dishes, and of course, desserts! Head over to SUKIYA now and be sure to follow them on their social media for more yummy updates!

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2/F, Glorietta 2, Makati City

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