Pass the time with a DIY Mani Pedi

Looking to pass the time during this quarantine and itching to release your artistic side in the form of nails? Then try doing your nails yourself! In 7 simple steps, you can get mani-pedis that look like they’ve been done at a nail salon.

Step 1: Clean your nails

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When it comes to this step, cotton pads and any kind of nail polish remover are your best friends. Start fresh by making sure that your nails are clean and back to its natural look and color. You can use either acetone, rubbing alcohol, and a solution made of equal parts lemon juice and vinegar.

It’s suggested that you don’t paint over your nails with new nail polish as a band-aid solution because your nail polish might end up streaky or chip easily.

Tip: Try soaking your cotton balls or cotton pads in any of these then cover your nails with them for a few minutes.

Step 2: Soften your hands and nails

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After cleaning, your hands must be really dry so why not try moisturizing your nails and hands to give back your smooth and supple skin? If you’re wondering what exactly would you need, you can choose between hand and nail lotion as well as nail oil. All you have to do is to rub it all over your hands and nails, let it stay for a while – while you watch series/movies – then wipe it off to get ready for the next step.

The point of moisturizing your nails, aside from pampering yourself, is to prepare your nails for the paint that you’re going to put on it which may dry them out and to prevent hangnails, cracking, and peeling.

Tip: Moisturizing isn’t only meant for these occasions. To have baby soft skin on your hands, regularly lotion your hands.

Step 3: Prepare those nails

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You may think that you’re ready to show off your nail art and nail polish but just not quite. First, you’re going to have to prepare your canvas – your nails. For those with long nails, you can trim your nails with a nail cutter until your nails are just past your fingertips; long nails have a tendency to split or break.

Afterward, you can file your nails to your desired shape before you go to the next step. To add, you also have to push back your cuticles for a totally clean nail.  It’s suggested that you do some research to know which shape compliments your fingers and which kind of file you’re supposed to use.

Tip: File your nails gently, in one direction with short, swift motions until you’re comfortable.

Step 4: Paint a Base Coat

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You must be wondering, is this step necessary? Yes, it is. There are three reasons why you should make sure that you have a clear base coat painted on before anything else:

  1. The base coat helps the nail polish stick easily to your nails and it’ll be much easier to paint on a smooth surface.
  2. The base coat also locks in and makes sure that the natural oils in your nails stay there and that your nails aren’t being destroyed by the nail polish.
  3. It prevents your nails from staining or peeling.

Tip: Even though there are brands that offer a 2-in-1 top coat and base coat, it’s suggested that you buy individual base coats and top coats since they have different formulas.

Step 5: Paint your Colored Coats

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Now, it’s time to do what you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to create your masterpiece. If you’re going for a simple, one-color kind of manicure/pedicure, then the first step you have to do – which can be the toughest step – is to pick a color.

Once you’ve done that, the application is pretty simple: paint a line downwards in the middle, then the two sides, and finally, the edge of your nail to seal it. You’re going to have to do this twice in order to get a really solid color.

Tip: Paint those layers thinly in order for them to dry quickly.

Step 6: Apply the Top Coat

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Just like every masterpiece, you have to lock in that goodness to make sure that it doesn’t get smudged or destroyed and make you regret all the hard work that you’ve put into. So, paint a top coat over it. Whether you choose the regular top coat or the mattifying top coat, it’s suggested that you pick a clear colored one so that the colors you chose are preserved.

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Tip: Swipe the tip of your nail. So that when you’re texting, typing, or doing something artsy that’ll hit the edges of your nails, the nail polish wouldn’t chip.

Step 7: Let it Dry

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Now, another tough part, the waiting. It’s suggested that instead of waving around your hands, blowing on your nails, or focusing an electric fan of them, you simply air dry. It may not dry as quickly but at least it would dry without air bubbles.

However, another suggested way to quickly dry your nails is to wait for a while right after you’ve painted your top coat, dip your nails in cold water for five minutes, then to let it air dry for five more.

Tip: So that you won’t get bored while waiting, catch up on your favorite series or watch the latest movie on Netflix.

Final Step: Flaunt your handiwork!

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Take a picture and post it on Instagram or show your friends the lovely work you’ve done. If you’re not that type of person, however, then just give yourself a pat on the back! We’re pretty sure you nailed it.

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