Let’s get cleaning!

Since the coronavirus pandemic, many are urging to PLEASE wash your hands thoroughly and frequently if you haven’t been practicing that yet but of course, we shouldn’t be limited to this preventive measure alone.

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It’s equally important to sanitise and disinfect many of the things we touch frequently from door knobs, controllers, and especially our mobile phones! Yes, wash your hands but let’s take it a step further by disinfecting these items. Below you’ll find a number of ways on how to.

Work Desk

Your work from home desk space can equally be as dirty as your office desk as you are there almost the whole day, probably gathering crumbs, dead skin, and what not. Worry not as this is one of the easiest to clean (granted that your area isn’t cluttered), simply spray isopropyl alcohol solution on the surface and wipe.

Alcohol out of stock? Try Messy Bessy’s Desk & Workspace Cleaner. It contains orange oil which is a natural alternative to remove dust and stains and polishes just as well!

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Mobile Phone or Tablet

Your mobile phones have travelled to many places… the bathroom, the kitchen, and many more that it’s collected a lot of dirt and germs along the way! You should be alarmed by now enough to get up and get cleaning that phone!

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You’ll need a microfibre cloth for this to avoid scratches on your phone. First, write these tips down somewhere. Second, switch off your phone and remove the case; proceed to spray the cleaning solution on the cloth (preferably 70% isopropyl alcohol or you can use Clorox disinfecting wipes) and go about wiping your phone.


You probably know by now how dirty and germ-filled keyboards can get. You have two techniques to get that laptop squeaky clean,

  1. Use 70% isopropyl alcohol and a microfibre cloth then wipe down everything from the screen, the keyboard, and also where your hands wrest; remember not to use disinfecting wipes on the screen as it can cause damage.
  2. Get dishwashing liquid, water, and microfibre cloth. Mix a bit of the dishwashing soap with water and dip the cloth in the mixture, wring it and wipe away. To avoid water streaks, do this again and finish off with a dry microfibre cloth and you’re done!

Try out Messy Bessy’s Dish Cleaner in Kiwi Lemon or Aloe Green Tea, it’s sulfate-free and gently yet effectively removes grease, made with coconuts and antiseptic essential oils!

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Light Switches & Door Knobs

It’s been found that the novel coronavirus can remain on surfaces like plastic and stainless steel of up to 2-3 days! You’ll have to clean first and then proceed to disinfecting.

Clean with any cleaning spray and wipe down surface level dirt then for the final step, apply the disinfectant appropriate for the material.

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Scared of damaging your fixtures? You can try Messy Bessy’s Squeaky Clean Glass Cleaner, it’s a germ-buster that can be used on any glass surface as well as metallic ones too.

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Game Controllers & Remote Controls

Cleaning game controllers and remote controls can be a little tricky, you’ll need lint free cloths, cleaning solution such as isopropyl alcohol, and even a tooth pick.

Make sure the connected device is off and the batteries of the remote controls are removed; proceed to wipe with the damp cloth (previously submerged in the solution and wringed) afterwards, really get in the crevices of the buttons with a toothpick to remove lodged dirt. Afterwards, wipe again with the damp cloth and lastly, wipe with a clean and dry cloth.

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Now, you’re all set! If you prefer not to use too much rubbing alcohol and are looking for a natural alternative, you should check out Messy Bessy!

Messy Bessy

Messy Bessy is a homegrown brand that not only provides natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable home and personal care products but helps at-risk youth with their advocacy arm, The Helping Ourselves Through Sustainable Enterprises Foundation (HOUSE) by providing education and employment opportunities.

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They’re also now open for delivery! You can check out their products here and email them at so they can sort your delivery out. Deliveries for now will be done via Grab or Lalamove. You can check out their Facebook page here for more updates.

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