It’ll oven-tually (and definitely) be your favourite!

A well-known favourite among Manileños, Pugon Roasted Asado is one of those classic dishes that has consistently survived the test of time. When we hear “Pugon Roasted Asado”, immediately what comes to mind is Lido Cocina Tsina with their finely cut slices of succulent pork loin that’s been cooked the same way since its inception in the 1930’s… in the traditional pugon or old-fashioned brick oven.

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The smokey flavour comes from the firewood and is balanced out with the perfect combination of sweet and salty, at Lido, they never serve left overs, their asado is roasted fresh daily.

Lido Cocina Tsina by Panciteria Lido

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Lido Cocina Tsina has been around since 1936, best known as a panciteria back then right in the hustle and bustle of Manila in T. Alonzo St. The restaurant began with Cantonese Chef, the namesake of the brand, Chef Lido who also came up with the cooking method and recipe for the now classic Chinese Pugon Roasted Asado.

There have been many Chinese restaurants since then but Lido has consistently remained strong and delicious, proving to many that they are here to stay; like quickly adjusting to the demands of modern technology, patrons can easily order online via their website, aside from their hotline, 8888-LIDO (8888-5436).

Insider tip: They're also known for their Pata Tim but it's only available around Chinese New Year, so plan accordingly!

They open as early as 7 AM for breakfast goers; patrons are known to get their Syphon Coffee which was introduced back in 1994, it’s a special type of brewing process that’s known to bring out the best flavours of coffee.

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Must-tries also include Manchurian Wings, Drunken Lechon Macau, and 16-Spiced Shantung Pork. You could even enjoy some of these offers below when you use your Booky app!

Fun fact: Lido Cocina Tsina doesn't add MSG to any of their dishes.

One Hunan Style Lomi Combo

A satisfying and saucy serving of Hunan-style Lomi made from thick noodles and served with meat and vegetables.

Price: ₱225 ₱160

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One Lumpiang Shanghai Rice Combo

A classic serving of crispy and fresh Lumpiang Shanghai with rice and iced tea.

Price: ₱220 ₱155

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Two Orders of Chami

A filling pansit dish made with flavourful Miki noodles, meat, and vegetables.

Price: ₱320 ₱225
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