Four new menu items you can only find via the app or website!

The origin of secret menus may be unknown but we are well aware of which brands in the metro have exclusive menu items you can get if you’re aware of the existence of their secret menus. Though it’s best to keep certain pieces of information undisclosed, KFC’s secret menu items should definitely not be one of them!

Available only for a limited time and can only be ordered via app or website, KFCs secret menu items namely the Colonel’s Belgian Bites Bucket, Double Zinger with Cheese Combo, Sloppy Shots Combo, and Naked Twister, are all dishes that they have never offered before but have customer-favorite flavors and ingredients.

Sloppy Shots KFC Secret Menu
Photo from Facebook | KFC
Double Zinger KFC Secret Menu
Photo from Facebook | KFC

To order or to search for more information on these menu items, visit their official website. And don’t forget to share the not-so-secret secret menu with friends and family who can’t get enough of KFC before stocks run out.

In Case You Missed It

All those who go to KFC often can agree that aside from their delectable chicken, their gravy is a must-have pairing for both their chicken and for others, rice.

If you’re one of those who can’t get enough of their gravy or want to pair this condiment with something other than potatoes and rice on their menu, introducing KFCs New Gravy Burger which is gravy poured over a hashcup, a fillet of their original KFC chicken, a slice of cheese, and soft buns.

Gravy Burger KFC
Photo from Facebook | KFC

For announcements on KFCs newest dishes and more, follow their social media accounts:

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