Let us help you answer the question, “San tayo kakain?”

Considered the second-largest shopping mall in Metro Manila, SM Megamall is home to many restaurants. If you find yourself at Megamall looking for something to eat, we won’t be surprised if you struggle with looking for the perfect restaurant for your cravings.

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Instead of having analysis paralysis, why don’t you allow us to help you narrow down your options? Check out 25 of the Best Restaurants in Megamall from restaurants in Megamall Building A to Megamall Building B, and even SM Mega Fashion Hall

Best Japanese Restaurants in SM Megamall


Take a trip to Japan without having to leave the comforts of a restaurant! Head on to Ooma, a Japanese restaurant located in SM Mega Fashion Hall with peculiar interiors resembling a seaport in Japan that serves up a variety of modern Japanese dishes

Why visit? They have several maki rolls to choose from which you can enjoy. 

Recommended dishes: Hanger Steak and Tori Kara-Age
megamall restaurants ooma
Photo from Ooma

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Another restaurant in SM Mega Fashion Hall, Ippudo is a Japanese restaurant that serves up simple Japanese dishes as well as specializes in Hakata-style tonkatsu ramen. Their ramen bowls are perfect for when you need a warm hug in the form of food. 

Why visit? Their Hakata-style tonkatsu ramen is globally acclaimed, more delicate, and creamier than other kinds of ramen broths. 

Recommended dishes: Okonomiyaki, Nanban Karaage, Karaka-Ramen
megamall restaurants ippudo
Photo from ippudoPH

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Yakiniku Like

Japanese barbecue for an affordable price? Visit Yakiniku Like and indulge in delicious, tasty, and value for money meats for as low as P199! Head on now to SM Mega Fashion Hall.

Why visit? It’s perfect for solo diners who are craving Japanese barbecue!

Recommended dishes: Sukiyaki Karubi Set, Karubi & Harami Set
megamall restaurants yakiniku like
Photo from Yakiniku Like

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Best Korean Restaurants in SM Megamall

Soban K-Town Grill

Looking for a restaurant where you can bond with your barkada? Head on to Soban K-Town in SM Megamall Building B! It’s a Korean restaurant that serves up Korean-Mexican dishes and KBBQ which you can enjoy with their unlimited side dishes.

Why visit? Their dishes are for both the adventurous and for those who love to stick to the classics. 

Recommended dishes: Their 6-Flavor Samgyupsal, Tteokbooki 
Banchan and KBBQ from Soban K-Town Grill megamall restaurants
Photo from Soban K-Town Grill

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Kingkong Budaejigae

A popular chain in South Korea, you know the Kingkong Budaejiage is as legit as can be. Try different types of Korean army stew from the classic Spam to seafood, different meat options, and more! Head to Mega Atrium right next to SM Megamall Building B.

Why visit? Their hefty portions with a variety of ingredients!

Recommended dishes: Soft Tofu Budaejjigae, Kingkong Budaejjigae, Mountain Bulgogi
kingkong budaejigae megamall restaurants
Photo from @kingkongbu_ph

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3/F Mega Atrium, Doña Julia Vargas Ave cor EDSA, SM Megamall, Wack-Wack, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Best Chinese Restaurants in SM Megamall

Tim Ho Wan

Located in SM Mega Fashion Hall, Tim Ho Wan is a Michelin star-rated restaurant that serves up a variety of dim sum and other Chinese traditional specialties. Get quality yet affordable Chinese dishes at no other place than Tim Ho Wan. 

Why visit? Their famous Baked Pork Buns will leave you with a melt-in-your-mouth experience like no other. 

Recommended dishes: Baked Bun with BBQ Pork, Pork Dumpling with Shrimp, Spare Ribs Rice
Pork Buns from Tim Ho Wan megamall restaurants
Photo from @uptownbonifacio

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Kam’s Roast

One of the best restaurants for big families and barkada, whether you’re having a simple feast or a special celebration, is Kam’s Roast, located in Mega Fashion Hall. They have premium, perfectly cooked meats like Roast Duck, Crispy Roast Pork, Soya Chicken as well as noodle dishes, rice, and soup!

Why visit? Kam’s Roast has a Michelin Star!

Recommended dishes: Roast Duck, Crispy Roast Pork
kam's roast roasted duck megamall restaurants
Photo from @KamsRoastPhilippines

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3/F Mega Fashion Hall, Doña Julia Vargas Ave cor EDSA, SM Megamall, Wack-Wack, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Best Taiwanese Restaurant in SM Megamall

Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung is an award-winning and half-century-old Taiwanese restaurant brand known the world over for its quality, consistency, and most importantly, world-famous Xiao long bao

Why visit? You’ll build up an appetite by watching them cook from their open kitchen!

Recommended dishes: Noodles with House Special Spicy Sauce, Pork Xiao Long Bao, Steamed Shrimp and Pork Shao Mai
din tai fung megamall restaurants
Photo from @dintaifunph

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Best Filipino Restaurants in SM Megamall


A classic Filipino restaurant, go to Mesa at Megamall Building A for their group meal offerings with UnionBank and Booky! You’ll get to try crispy pork ribs kare-kare, mango pork belly bbq, and shrimp in lemon butter.

Tinapa Rice from Mesa

Photo from Booky

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Manam is a Filipino restaurant serving up Filipino dishes – both classics and with twists – Filipinos come back to time again. With plate servings perfect for sharing, at Manam, if you plan to bring your family/barkada, you’re sure to have a food-filled fun time. 

Why visit? They serve one of the best if not the best sisig and ube shake in the metro. 

Recommended dishes: Pancit Sisig, Sinigang na beef Short Ribs and Watermelon, House Crispy Sisig, Ube + Sago
House Crispy Sisig from Manam Comfort Filipino megamall restaurants
Photo from Manam PH

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All Buffets in SM Megamall

Sambo Kojin

Can’t choose between Korean or Japanese grill and dishes? Don’t worry and enjoy instead at Sambo Kojin, a samgyupsal in Megamall that offers up Japanese Yakiniku, Korean BBQ, and Japanese/Korean appetizers.

Why visit? You get the best of both Korean and Japanese dishes.

Green tea Cold Noodles from Sambo Kojin
Photo from Sambo Kojin

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Travel all over the world without having to leave Megamall through an international cuisine trip at no other place than Vikings. Try out the highlights of what each cuisine can offer and feel free to enjoy yourself until you’re satisfied. 

Why visit? If you struggle with choosing which cuisine you want, then this place is perfect for you.

Teppanyaki from Vikings Luxury Buffet megamall
Photo from Vikings Luxury Buffet

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DADS World Buffet

Located at Megamall Building A, DADS World Buffet is a classic buffet serving cuisine from all over the world. This is the type of buffet that your dad will love and his dad as well!

DADS World Buffet

Photo from DADS World Buffet

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Best Italian Restaurants in SM Megamall


For a taste of authentic, delicious Italian dishes, visit Cibo located in SM Mega Fashion Hall and carbo-load with their choices of pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and so much more!

Why visit? Cibo is owned by Chef Margarita Fores, one of the most renowned Filipino chefs whose love for Filipino and Italian recipes resonate in her cooking

Recommended dishes: Penne al Telefono, Proscuitto Crudo, La Bistecca
cibo pasta megamall restaurants
Photo from CIBO

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For a more modern take on classic Italian dishes, head to Megamall Building A to find Pizzulu with their innovative menu. Try the squid ink pasta, shrimp & roasted garlic pizza, and aglio olio!

pizzulu pizza brick oven honey

Photo from @pizzulu

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Best American Restaurants in SM Megamall

8 Cuts Burger Blends

customize-your-own burger joint, at 8 Cuts Burger Blends, you can enjoy a burger made according to your tastes from the bun to the toppings and even the sauces. Picky eaters, your palates, are no doubt very much welcome at this restaurant. 

Why visit? They use 100% U.S. Beef Meat in their burgers. Also, they received the award Manila’s Best Burger Joint at Manila’s Best Restaurant Awards 2014. 

Recommended dishes: Piggy, Four Cheese 2.0, Hangover 
The Piggy from 8 Cuts Burgers  megamall restaurants
Photo from 8Cuts Burgers

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Find the most mouth-watering burgers for a price that won’t hurt your wallet here at Pound! Come here for a treat of fries, pastas, salads, rice meals, and flatbread pizzas, too!

Why visit? These burgers taste luxurious but the price is not!

Recommended dishes: Pound Burger, Truffle Pasta, Bacon Poutine, Chicken Wings
pound burgers  poutine megamall
Photo from Pound X Flatterie

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Shake Shack

What started out as a humble hot dog cart in New York is now a beloved burger joint here in the country! Shake Shack offers burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, and shakes!

Why visit? When the fast food cravings kick in, Shake Shack will surely hit the spot.

Recommended dishes: Shack Burger, Cheese Fries
shake shack burgers megamall restaurants
Photo from Facebook: Shake Shack Philippines

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All SM Megamall Cafes


Need a place to rest, tambay, and enjoy coffee? Visit Satchmi, a haven for both coffee lovers and music enthusiasts. Apart from offering food and drinks, this place also sells vinyl records of your favorite artists!

Why visit? They have vinyl records that you can play!

Recommended dishes: The House Grilled Cheese, Satchmi BLT, Caramel Latte
satchmi cafe interiors megamall restaurants
Photo from Satchmi

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4F SM Megamall Fashion Hall, EDSA Cor Julia Vargas Ave, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong


Unwind and enjoy PAUL’s wide array of eye-catching and mouth-watering French pastries, breads, and treats that go well with a cup of coffee!

Why visit? They offer luxurious pastries and treats for you to enjoy!

Recommended dishes: Croissants, Pan-Fried Bangus, Crepe with Ham and Cheese
PAUL pastries megamall
Photo from PAUL Philippines

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George and Onnie’s

Didn’t have time to eat before you went to the mall? No worries, get your fix of brunch meals from pastries to Filipino rice bowls at George and Onnie’s, previously known as Little Flour Cafe. 

Why visit? If you love Wildflour’s dishes then you’ll be wonderfully surprised to know that they offer Wildflour’s best-selling meals here. 

Recommended dishes: Kimchi Fried Rice, Calamansi Cream Pie 
Calamansi Pie from George and Onnie's megamall restaurants
Photo from Booky

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Sunnies Cafe

If comfort food is what you’re looking for, then Sunnies Cafe is the spot for you! You’ll love the chill, laidback vibes of the place where you can enjoy breakfast plates, pasta, rice bowls, mains, salads, and more!

Why visit? Sunnies Cafe has a diverse menu so there’s something for everybody!

Recommended dishes: Truffle Taters, Beef Kimchi Fried Rice Bowl, Steak and Eggs
sunnies cafe rice bowls megamall
Photo from Sunnies Cafe

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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

In the mood for delicious coffee, tea, and pastries? The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, located in Megamall Building B has something for you on their menu!

Why visit? The place is cozy and comfy, with laid back vibes that allow you to chill back and enjoy your coffee after a long day of walking around the mall

Recommended drinks: Today's Iced Tea, Cappuccino
coffee bean and tea leaf coffee megamall
Photo from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Philippines)

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Where to get Desserts in SM Megamall

BLK 513

The first dessert bar in Metro Manila to offer activated charcoal-infused yogurt, BLK 513 offers up healthy, sweet treats which you can personalize with their fruits, toppings, and sauces. Go wild with your combinations when you pass by Megamall Building A

Why visit? They don’t only offer up unique, rare toppings which they vary every so often but their desserts are also Instagrammable. 

Fun fact: If you're at their U.P. Town Branch, don't forget to ask for their secret menu for delectable pre-made combinations. 
Dark Skim Cones from BLK 513 megamall restaurants
Photo from Booky

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Mo’ Cookies

One of the most famous cookies in the world, Mo’ Cookies is a great place for merienda or pasalubong when out on a shopping spree in SM Megamall.

Recommended flavors: Peanut Butter Chunk, Dark Chocolate Macadamia, South Cotabato Chocolate Fudge
mo's cookies megamall
Photo from Facebook: Mo’s Cookies

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Now that we’ve listed them down, why don’t you head on to the best Megamall restaurants to cross off your food bucket list?

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