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Do-it-yourself dining concepts were all the rage in 2016. From DIY milkshakes in Taguig to DIY poke in Alabang, every corner of the metro had their own version to bring to the table.

Just recently, this increasingly popular trend brought us one concept that’s definitely first of its kind in Manila: DIY Sushi. Thanks to this new Kapitolyo hole-in-the-wall, your sushi dates just got a lot more fun and interactive.

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YUAN Asian Bistro – Kapitolyo

YUAN is a modern fusion bistro by day and Asian whiskey lounge by night. This hole-in-the-wall can be spotted at the Victoria Plaza Building on Brixton Street, Kapitolyo—home to a wave of many new late night spots, secret restaurants, and more.

Fun Fact: YUAN refers to a 'time of greatness' established by Kublai khan in Chinese history. It can also pertain to a type of Currency.
Photo from Booky
Photo from Booky

YUAN is owned by a group of friends from different industries, brought together by a common passion for great food and drinks. It was Chef Kel Zaguirre, the same culinary genius behind Locavore, who played an integral role in conceptualizing YUAN from aesthetics down to the flavors. The result is a mix of Singaporean, Vietnamese, Japanese, and HK-inspired dishes you will rarely find elsewhere.

With a variety of menu highlights, this DIY Sushi Set is easily the most popular choice—especially for those who want an interactive way to enjoy their first date or barkada get-together. Check it out and learn how you can build your own sushi!

DIY Sushi Set

Sushi platter with Japanese rice, salmon and tuna sashimi, sesame oil, nori strips, and sliced vegetables.

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Step 1: In the molder, brush the Japanese rice with sesame oil.

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Step 2: Press rice onto the middle of your nori.

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Step 3: Place wasabi over the rice and top with your sashimi of choice.

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Step 4: Add your chosen toppings and roll nori to seal.

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Aside from the DIY Sushi Set, you must not miss out on these exciting dishes:

X.O. Tonkatsu Maling Fries

Maling cooked tonkatsu-style, served with 5 different sauces: house X.O. sauce, tonkatsu Sauce, japanese mayo, slaw, sesame dressing. Insider tip: Dip your fries in 2 or more sauces at once!

Spicy Edamame

Stir-fried edamame with spicy garlic miso sauce

Jap Curry & Cheese Baos

House baos filled with eight-hour pulled Jap curry with lamb shoulder and mozzarella

Laksa Tantanmen

Ramen noodles with laksa broth, schmaltz, tare, fish cake, lobster balls, prawns, bean sprouts. Insider tip: 1 bowl is good for 2 + you can have your spiciness adjusted!

Ribeye with Wasabi Chimichurri

80z Angus ribeye with house wasabi chimichurri, served with beetroot mash, orange kamote, snow peas

Claypot Chicken and Mushroom Risotto

Congee-style oyster mushroom risotto with shiitake, lap cheong, scallions, and soy sauce

Don’t forget to finish off your meal with a few of their craft cocktails and whiskey which you can buy by the bottle.  Fun fact: Yuan consulted with the guys at Blind Pig to come up with these concoctions!

Insider tip: They serve UNLIMITED WINE every Tuesday for only P699! They also have Jazz Nights on Saturdays.

Whiskey Sour


Old Fashioned

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Brixton Victoria Plaza, #1 Brixton St, Kapitolyo, Pasig
(0915) 091-2613