Romantic picnics and outdoor movies!

The Purple Owl – Tagaytay

First featured in 20 of Tagaytay's Best Kept Secret Restaurants

The Purple Owl is truly one of Tagaytay’s best kept secrets. It’s every couple’s dining, anniversary, and wedding destination; it’s also a beautiful and intimate place for friends and families to celebrate birthdays, gather for a picnic or a casual outdoor movie night.

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This events place slash restaurant was opened in 2014 by Ms.Paula Yonzon and her family; the idea is to serve homemade comfort food (by Mrs. Gee’s Kitchen) right in their own backyard while regularly transforming their place into different themes. Since opening, they’ve hosted and customized hundreds of special events through their in-house design arm, Hoot Designs.

See all the special indoor and outdoor celebrations they’ve created for guests throughout the years. Your next special event can be here!

Date Night


Movie Night

Purple Owl


Here are their basic packages:

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For special add-ons, you can pay a little extra to upgrade to Menu B, get a bouquet of flowers, include red wine (Merlot) or a mini round cake. Additional charge person is P1,250.

Every event is personalized and made unique based on your preference and requests–from the display photos, special messages, color motifs down to the flowers. All you have to do is send in your memorable photos and quotes, and don’t forget to throw in your favorite music as well! Note that they are open for both lunch and dinner bookings and additional charges may apply depending on services provided.

Bonus: The Purple Owl also accepts wedding packages!

Intimate Weddings




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Note: Make your bookings at least two (2) days ahead!

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Gardenia Loop, Villa Pura, Tagaytay

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