The lunch-time procedure that people have been talking about

Non-surgical nose-lifts are definitely less invasive than the traditional rhinoplasty but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t weigh your options first. If you’re considering a nose lift or are just hearing about this non-surgical procedure, we’re here to fill you in on as many details as possible.

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The beauty industry has come a long way that a nose job can now be considered a “lunch-time” procedure and because of the non-surgical option, you could have a completely new look in just a matter of minutes.

Fun fact: A lunch-time procedure is any treatment that can be done within an hour that you can easily head back to work right after.

The procedure may be quick but it isn’t something you should take lightly. Here are a few things to consider before you go under the needle.

What’s a typical procedure like?

There are two types of non-surgical nose lifts, those that use fillers and those that use threads. As with any procedure, your dermatologist will start thoroughly cleaning the area of concern and in this case, the surface area of your nose.

For fillers, she or he will then start to inject the nose fillers then start to mould or sculpt your nose and that’s essentially it, you’re done! Aftercare instructions will follow and you’re set to go back to work. The procedure won’t take more than fifteen minutes and you’ll immediately see the results.

For threads, doctors use special threads that are absolutely absorbed by the body. Similar to fillers, numbing cream will also be applied along with a local anaesthetic then comes the fine threads to be placed along your nasal bridge under the skin. Results are also immediate and the procedure can be done within an hour.

Is it permanent?

Not exactly. For the nose thread lift, it usually lasts for as long as two years but with regular check ups, you can expect a longer lasting lift.

For fillers, there are two types, temporary fillers and ‘permanent’ fillers. The doctor will usually start off with a temporary filler so you get a feel of your new look, this also gives the doctor a chance to adjust it further to your liking. After some time, she or he will give you a permanent filler to lock it in longer. The permanent ones last for years and are usually more than one session.

Does it hurt?

The procedure is usually painless. Before the doctor injects the fillers, he or she will apply numbing cream and a local anaesthetic and you could even get right back to work after the treatment.

What are the usual side effects?

The non-surgical nose lift may cause a bit of bruising but this is perfectly normal and will resolve on its own in a few days.

Is it harmless?

It’s common for people to think that just because it’s a quick and easy procedure, it’s totally harmless but this is actually far from the truth. Non-surgical nose lifts definitely have their risks. People forget that the anatomy of the nose is very complex and fragile that in the wrong hands, one slight mishap can not only cause an infection but it could cut off the blood supply to your nose! Main takeaway here is to always go to a trusted professional.

Skin Philosophie

Headed by Dr. Kyla Talens, M.D., DCD, MSc, Skin Philosophie’s aim is to bring out the most beautiful in you. From an early age, Dr. Kyla has experienced the emotional toll that comes with acne, scarring, and the like that it then fuelled her passion to help others through Dermatology.

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She believes that when you help bring out the beauty in one’s outward appearance, her or his confidence will slowly shine through.

If you’ve been looking for help, you don’t need to look further as you’ll be in good hands at Skin Philosophie. They also have offers with Booky that you could check out below.

Non-Surgical Noselift

Skin Philosophie knows all about noses. Experience a non-surgical noselift using PCL threads performed by Dr. Kyla Talens herself and get instant, long-lasting results.

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Give your skin a fresh start with Skin Philosophie’s Laser Genesis. Enjoy a brighter glow & tighter skin and top it all off with a free electronic scrub facial!

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Experience the ultimate face pick-me-up. The InstaLift is a quick and painless face slimming treatment that produces instant results- making it the perfect pick-me-up before big events.

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Hair beware! Get rid of pesky underarm hair with Skin Philosophie’s cutting edge Cutera laser treatment and achieve that carefree, hair-free look you’ve always wanted

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