Stop by on your way to Tagaytay!

The best thing about going on your own road trips is making food detours and coffee stops here and there! And if Tagaytay is part of your next destination, don’t miss out on experiencing the first-ever Shell Cafe!

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This newly-opened Shell Cafe in Tagaytay Kaybagal is a convenient place to stop, not only to fill up your tank, but also to satisfy those coffee needs and appease your hunger on the road. Check it out!

Photo from Facebook: Shell Select Tagaytay

Shell Cafe offers a variety of drinks, including coffee creations, fruit teas, and chocolate drinks. Their beverages range from P90 to P180–affordable and delicious!

Photo by Jhomar Getizo and Maj Chua

Feeling snacky? Don’t miss out on their variety of delectable pastries too! They have breads, cronuts, pizza, donuts, and so much more!

Photo by Jhomar Getizo and Maj Chua

The ambiance is not so bad either, you might want to stop for more than a minute and relax before you hit the road again!

Photo by Jhomar Getizo and Maj Chua

We highly recommend trying out Shell Cafe’s hot chocolate to match the chilly Tagaytay weather! So next time you’re going out for gas, maybe squeeze in a road trip to Tagaytay as well so you can try the coffee at Shell Cafe!

Photo by Jhomar Getizo and Maj Chua

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Kaybagal South, Tagaytay

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