It’s a magical experience.

As of a few years ago, QR codes have been an essential tool. From gathering data for contact tracing to promoting contactless payment, they have been at the forefront of making certain processes effortless and safe. During this time, those in the food scene haven’t explored utilizing QR codes in ways other than for payment.

But if you think that it’ll take a few more months or years for F&B brands to find a way to use them, you may want to think again.

Familiar already with scanning QR codes to see the menu?  Click here to go to the list of restaurants that use QR Codes!

Allow us to let you know of the new and exciting experiment-slash-venture that restaurants are embarking on today: providing a single QR code you can scan to view menus, order on the spot, and pay!

Sounds pretty interesting right? Get a load of this. There’s a list of benefits you as a customer can receive when you choose you to scan.

1. No more lining up/waiting to order.

At stalls, there’s less pressure to make a decision or less waiting time when the line is super long. When you scan the QR code, you can make your decision at your pace and be called when your order is ready. And at restaurants where you can dine in, you can browse the menu, and order right away. No need to call a waiter unless you need more recommendations or have questions.

Restaurants QR Code Scanning
Photo from Booky

2. Have a Visual Menu in Your Hands

Nothing helps with decision-making more than being shown a photo of a dish right? With a digital menu provided, thanks to scanning a QR code, you’ll have photos of almost all – if not all – dishes. You’ll have a sense of the serving sizes or side dishes better.

Visual Menu from Booky
Photo from Booky

3. Receive Better Service

Now that the wait staff isn’t as preoccupied with getting menus and listing down orders, they’re more available to accommodate you and help you have the best experience possible at their restaurants.

4. Social Distancing at Work

Aside from having a good foodie-xperience, restaurants want to ensure the safety of their diners. Which in this day and age means practicing social distance at all times.

When you scan the QR code at the counter or your tables, you’re keeping most interactions to mostly between you and your phone. Less contact with people you’re going to eat with means less exposure overall.

POUND Interiors
Photo from Facebook | POUND

Think you’d want to give QR code scanning a try? Check out the restaurants where you can do exactly that!

Scan a QR code at These Restaurants

Just Thai – Molito Commercial Complex

Brought about by a family’s love for the cuisine, Just Thai is a homey restaurant offering authentic, classic Thai dishes. You’ll find that from the restaurant’s interiors decorated with accents of Thai culture – from buddhas to artworks – to its dishes, the restaurant highlights the best of Thailand in a simple and straightforward manner you’ll appreciate.

Best-sellers: Khao Kluk Kapi (Bagoong Rice), Pad Thai, Tom Yum Classic, Gai Ob Bai Toey (Pandan Wrapped Chicken), Yum Pla Dook Foo (Crispy Catfish with Green Mango)

Photo from Just Thai

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Visit their branch at Madrigal Ave, Molito Commercial Complex, Alabang Muntinlupa today
(02) 8808-4058 | (02) 8847-2347 | (0919) 980-6755 | (0907) 015-7929

Bánh Mì Kitchen – multiple branches

Get a bite or several of ten types of traditional bánh mì – Vietnam’s version of a sub made with fresh ingredients and crispy baguette buns – at Bánh Mì Kitchen. Indulge in fillings that incorporate both local and international flavors, pair them with other traditional Vietnamese dishes like spring rolls, and wash them down with the popular Viet Coffee and more.

Best-Sellers: Damn Strong Coffee, Protein Monster, The Classic

Photo from Banh Mi Kitchen

Promo available: 20% OFF on premium bundles – Spicy Lechon Belly Bundle, Lechon Baka Bundle, and Meatless Falafel Bundle – from July 1 to September 30, 2022. Avail at all Bánh Mì Kitchen branches.

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Highlands Coffee – Double Dragon Plaza and W5th

Want the caffeine kick while pinching pesos? Then head on to Highlands Coffee to get your cup of joe. They specialize in traditional Vietnamese Coffee and offer up quality PHIN Sua Da that’s budget-friendly. Aside from that, you can also get espresso-based coffee drinks and tea to bring with you to work.

Best-sellers: Phin Sua Da, Caramel Phin Freeze, Green Tea Freeze

Coffee from Highlands Coffee Philippines
Photo from Facebook | Highlands Coffee Philippines

Promo available: 2 Iced Caramel Macchiato (16 oz.) for ₱158 from August 8 – 21, 2022.

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2850 Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Pasay | 5th Avenue and 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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