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There are lots of benefits to exercise that help keep you healthy. While helping to keep the body strong and healthy is important, gaining more confidence in yourself is an important benefit as well. With Polecats Manila, you can become a stronger version of yourself – both physically and mentally.

We decided over at Booky that it’s high time to go beyond food and give you more. There’s so much to do and discover and we’re opening up Metro Manila to help you find your flavor starting with fitness and beauty. The new and improved Booky is stronger and cuter than ever.

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Polecats Manila

Polecats Manila is at the forefront of the top aerial arts and pole studios in the country. They help anyone that wants to get into pole dancing or aerial arts, by teaching them the fundamentals, and helping each other as a community.

A stronger and more confident you is within your grasp. Try their 8+2 Pole Passport Card, 8+2 All Class Card, and access to One Week Unlimited Pole Class, through Booky!

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8+2 Pole Passport Card

Enjoy 10 pole dancing classes and immerse yourself into the art of pole dancing.

Price: P4500 (original price: P60000
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8+2 All Class Card

Mix it up and try out their pole, aerial hoop, or aerial skills classes. You get 10 sessions in any combination you want!

Price: P4000 (save P2000)
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One Week Unlimited Pole Class

Get on the road to defying gravity and becoming stronger and more confident. Enjoy a week of unlimited access to their pole dance classes!

Price: P1500 (P500 OFF)
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To claim these discounts from Polecats Manila, just follow the steps below:

  1. Download Booky’s app and sign up for a free trial
  2. Scan the QR code at the counter
  3. Pick a coupon to avail

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Do you even lift (your phone), bro? You can use the Booky app to search for new workouts, and places that can help you reach your fitness goals. iPhone, Android, no internet, we got you, fam.

We’re more than just food at Booky, we’re here to give you the lo-down on the best things to do and discover all over Metro Manila—food, fitness, beauty, and more. Download the Booky app for FREE to discover today’s best idea.

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