The only reason we need: Because Coffee!

While there may be hundreds of coffee spots in the metro, Harlan + Holden Coffee sure stands out as one of the favorites of many. Arguably one of the best spots to get Sea Salt Latte, Harlan + Holden is also known for their minimalistic aesthetics that makes coffee time a cooler experience.

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Photo by Ira Valenzuela | Booky

Now, coffee lovers around Quezon City can have easier access to Harlan + Holden’s brews because their branch in Robinsons Magnolia is now open!

Harlan + Holden opens its Robinsons Magnolia branch today, April 26. They’re now ready to serve their best-selling coffee drinks like Butterscotch Latte, Sea Salt Latte, and their new release, Hazelnut Latte.

Photo by Ira Valenzuela | Booky
Photo by Ira Valenzuela | Booky

You’ll love the simple yet sleek setting and the additional snack offerings on their menu. We recommend trying their Grilled Cheese for something savory and Sea Salt Butter cookie for something sweet!

Photo by Ira Valenzuela | Booky

Visit Harlan + Holden at UG of Robinsons Magnolia, open from Mondays to Sundays, 10 AM to 10 PM.

Photo by Ira Valenzuela | Booky

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ICYMI: Harlan + Holden Opens Flagship Store in BGC

Last year, Harlan + Holden opened their flagship store in BGC which is their second branch in the area, just a stone’s throw away from the first branch. Their flagship store, located on the 28th Street corner 3rd Avenue, has two floors that offers more seating and a great view of the ever-busy BGC streets.

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You’ll be welcomed with Harlan + Holden’s familiar aesthetic, perfect for the gram. But more than that, Harlan + Holden’s flagship store also offers exclusive brews and eats for you to look forward to!

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Know More: Harlan + Holden’s, The First Online Coffee Store, Makes It Easy To Get Your Cup of Joe

Ever wanted to grab a cup of coffee but couldn’t afford to be late for a meeting? What if we told you you can get your coffee without waiting in a queue? Harlan + Holden is the first online coffee store in the Philippines. True to the brand’s laidback aesthetic, grabbing a cup of joe has never been easier.

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So? How does it work?

It’s simple. Browse their menu, place your order, and pay through their app! Then simply swing by their branches to pick up your order. No need to worry about long lines!

The Harlan + Holden Café is cashless for speed and drinks are guaranteed to be ready in a jiffy! The best part is, you can customize our drink to your liking. We don’t only mean hot or iced! You can choose the type of beans, control the sweetness, add sinkers or cream, and even substitute regular milk for almond milk!

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