Wax facts only!

There’s a lot of conflicting information when it comes to waxing, you hear about things like how important it is to grow the hair extra long to make sure all of it is pulled by the wax or how exfoliation isn’t needed since the wax itself removes dead skin cells and so on.

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We’re here to debunk some of these myths so you can have a smooth journey to smooth and hair-free skin.

It’s Always Supposed To Hurt

Yes, waxing does hurt and pain tolerance does vary per person but if you’ve been experiencing extremely painful sessions then there’s probably something amiss. There could be two reasons; for one is if you’re a woman, the days leading up to your period can make your skin extra sensitive so it’e best to plan your appointments accordingly.

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Another reason could be the waxing technician’s technique, ideally they shouldn’t wax large chunks of hair, it should be small to medium sized patches, they should also give you a few seconds in between wax pulling to calm down the pain before the next pull!

Your Hair Can Grow Thicker

If you’ve been waxing for awhile, you’d know how false this is. Regular waxing will result in softer hair and, to an extent, even thinner as it pulls the hair from the very root as compared to shaving where it just removes the exposed hair therefore causing it to grow thicker.

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Absolutely No In-grown Hairs

Although waxing can eliminate in-grown hairs, you still have to care for your skin post-wax to avoid them altogether. Your waxing technician will give you guidelines on the after-care which includes exfoliating after 2-3 days since your appointment.

Needs To Be Really Long Prior To Waxing

Another myth that’s easily spread around is the hair has to be grown out extra long to have a good chance that all the hairs can be pulled out but this isn’t really the case. If you’re in need of a wax already but aren’t sure if it’s long enough, just compare the strands to the size of a grain of rice and that’s good enough for you to call up and make an appointment.

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Finding a trusted waxing technician can be tricky but they say that when you find the one, you better keep them! You just might find the one at this waxing salon and a bonus, enjoy a number of offers as well!

Flirt Waxing Lounge


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Embrace your fun and flirty side with the help of Flirt Waxing Lounge. From their signature waxes to must-have mani-pedi’s and even more beauty services, let Flirt Waxing Lounge’s effective offers and personal touch empower you to flaunt your inner flirt.

Planning a wax soon? You might want to check out these offers first before you book an appointment!

Brazilian with Free Hollywood Wax (Female)

Go completely hair-free with a Brazilian wax for the private area along with the Hollywood Wax which is for the buttock region.

Price: ₱850 ₱579

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Underarm Waxing Session

Haven’t ever had a wax before but want to start? Best to start with a quick and easy procedure like underarm waxing!

Price: ₱280 ₱196

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Eyebrow Shaping Session

Raise a couple of eyebrows with your own delightfully flirty brows. Enjoy this special eyebrow shaping service from Flirt Waxing Salon and get eyebrows that are definitely worth flaunting!

Price: ₱170 ₱119

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Full Leg with Free Eyebrow Threading

Flaunt smooth legs and clean brows with Flirt Waxing Salon! Enjoy a quick and effective waxing session topped off with free eyebrow threading all performed by one of Flirt Waxing Salon’s experts and feel flirty and fresh in no time.

Price: ₱870 ₱599

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Underarm Laser Luxe 3 + 1

Experience a painless underarm hair removal service with the use of Diode Laser to easily achieve flawless underarms!

Price: ₱5,400 ₱4,050

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