Food hacks? Yes Please!

There is one general theme on Instagram Stories now and it’s— COOKING. Yes, everyone is cooking! You’ve probably noticed many of the people you follow are whipping something up whether it be making bread from scratch, milk, coffee concoctions, etc, you name it and we’ve also probably done it!

If you’re one to cook then you probably know how therapeutic and calming cooking can be (if you’re not rushing, of course) but if you aren’t, it’s okay too cause even just watching somebody else cooking can give off the same effect.

Whether you want to learn something new or just enjoy watching, we’ve compiled a number of Filipino chefs you could follow on Instagram!

Miko Aspiras

Do Scout’s Honor and Le Petit Soufflé ring a bell? Chef Miko Aspiras is a well-known pastry chef and launched these restaurant concepts, among others. He’s currently the Executive Pastry Chef in Sydney’s Hilton hotel and luckily for us, he posts tips and recipes on his Instagram! You can follow him here.

Chef Jackie Laudico

Along with her husband, Chef Rolando Laudico, they’ve put up the Chef Laudico Group and you’ve also probably eaten in their well-known restaurant, Guevarra’s. Chef Jackie posts a number of dishes on her Instagram as well as recipes. You can follow her here.

Chef Rolando Laudico

Along with wife and pastry chef, Jackie Laudico, they’ve put up the Chef Laudico Group and their well-known restaurant, Guevarra’s. You can follow Chef Rolando and see what he’s cooking up or what his restaurants can deliver to your doorstep! You can follow him here.

JP Anglo

Sarsa’s Master Chef, JP Anglo, also has a bunch of light-hearted and useful content that we can all learn from. He posts tips like how to keep herbs fresh, how to make camote chips, and shares the food he and his wife cook for frontliners. You can follow him here.

Myke “Tatung” Sarthou

Award winning chef and author, Chef Tatung, has a bunch of recipes on his socials that you can follow. They’re quick and easy to do especially during this quarantine. You can follow him on Instagram here and watch his videos on his YouTube channel here.

Sau Del Rosario

Chef Sau, one of the Philippines’ well-known chefs, has travelled and studied all over the world and is currently managing his farm-to-table restaurant, 25 Seeds. His Instagram feed consists of food experiments and what he’s cooking up for the frontliners. You can follow him here.

Sharwin Tee

You’ve probably seen him on TV cooking up something delicious, currently he has a new cooking show entitled, “Let’s Do Lunch” that you can catch on GMA NewsTV. Chef Sharwin posts a handful of dishes on his Instagram feed and puts step by step recipes on his stories! You can follow him here.

Edward Bugia

Chef Ed is behind a number of well-loved restaurants such as Pipino Vegetarian, Bean & Yolk, BRGR: The Burger Project, and more. He posts food hack videos on YouTube and a number of his experiments on Instagram. You can follow him here.

Mikel Zaguirre

You can take a look at how Chef Mikel, co-owner and chef of Locavore, is coping with the quarantine. He shares photos of his cooking experiments with the hashtag #ktichenquarantine along with beautiful sunsets from his home. You can follow him here.

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